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February 16, 2011 at 11:05:34
Specs: Windows 7 64bit, E5400/4GB DDR3
I have purchased a new MD -Gigabyte GA-G41MT-D3 & 4GB PC8500 DDR3 1066MHz Memory. I have a Intel Pentium Dual Core BX80571E5400 2.7GHz 2MB Cache 800MHz FSB. New 430W power supply. Installed all components powered up. POST does not complete. Mem Reconized and size is correct. Stalls then reboots no messages. Keeps looping throught boot. Do I have a mis match in Memory and CPU?

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February 16, 2011 at 11:34:42
The CPU & RAM should work together, but it isn't the best match. You may be able to make up for it by overclocking though. Post the make/model/specs of your 430W PSU.

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February 16, 2011 at 11:40:27
I purchased at Best Buy...Thermaltake # TR2 ATX Modell # W0070RUC. CAn you recommend a better CPU?

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February 16, 2011 at 14:42:00
Newegg has the same PSU for about $35. I bet you paid close to twice that much at Bestbuy.

The optimal CPU:DRAM ratios for a Pentium Dual/Core 2 system are either 1:1 or 1:2. To arrive at the ratio, you should reduce the bogus QDR & DDR ratings to their actual frequencies. 800MHz FSB = 200MHz frequency, DDR 1066MHz = 533MHz frequency, so your current ratio is 200:533 which is 3:8. With your hardware configuration, you should shoot for 1:2, so you should either underclock the RAM to 800MHz or overclock the CPU to 1066MHz. If it were my system, I'd overclock the CPU.

As for your reboot loop, are you sure the heatsink was installed correctly? Did you use thermal paste or was a thermal pad pre-installed? If you used paste, it's very important to apply it correctly. And the heatsink must be securely attached, otherwise the CPU will overheat.

The Pentium Dual uses the "horizontal line" method:

The problem with your board/BIOS is the "memory multiplier" setting. With your 800MHz FSB CPU, you need a multiplier of 2.0. Is that even an option?

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February 16, 2011 at 18:49:24
Removed the heat sink and found only 1 of the 3 lines spread out. Cleaned surfaces and reinstalled with new thermal compound. Orginal compound was on Intel heatsink. Reassembled and booted up. Same problem as before. Completes Memory check -OK locks up and enters reboot loop.
I can not enter BIOS to overclock. This board does not appear any jumpers to change.

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February 16, 2011 at 19:27:50
Your Manual:
Your memory support list:
Your CLR_CMOS is clearly labeled on your board and in the manual, use it to reset things.
Make sure your memory is supported.
Use Memtest86 to make sure that your memory is good and not a bad one/pair.
If all else checks out, try booting to BIOS without hard drive connected and see what that does.
Post back results.

Side note: Man, is that a mixed up board, DDR3 memory with Parallel and Serial ports!!?? Wierd. DDR3 you don't really need until you go into an i3 at least and who really still needs the legacy support of those other ports, especially a serial port for a home computer these days!
I like Gigabyte boards, but this one I cannot figure out. Sorry, not you.

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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February 16, 2011 at 20:57:17
Started looking for new processor - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550S Processor BX80569Q9550S - 2.83GHz, 12MB Cache, 1333MHz FSB, Quad-Core. Would like to use and still use Gigabyte GA-G41MT-D3 & 4GB PC8500 DDR3 1066MHz Memory.

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