Shortcircuit possible due to malfunction CPU?

June 23, 2015 at 09:07:48
Specs: Windows 7
I encounter the following problem while putting together a new system: as soon as I power up the system (meaning just normally setting the power switch on the case to "on" as one usually does) it stops immediately. Within a fraction of a second! I have done everything I could think of to try to find the problem: The mainboard (Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3) is sent up for testing and complies to standard factory settings; the Powersupply (Corsair CS750M; modulair 750 watt) is also sent up for testing: works fine. I have changed the case, just to be sure that there is no strange problem with the case causing the short circuit: the same: the system stops immediately. I have now even tried another PSU, although the PSU was tested good, just to be sure: again exactly the same problem! I have tried the system without connecting anything apart from the powersupply to the mainboard: same problem. The memorymodules have been changed: same problem. The CPU cooler has been changed: same problem. I have build systems before, but have never encountered something like this before! So now, I start to think that the CPU itself (AMD athlon FX9370) is the problem; this part has not been changed, since I do not have CPU's just lying around...and this is a rather expensive one! But, I really have no idea if the processor can cause a problem due to which the whole system stops immediately. I have no idea if it is a short-circuit problem, but since the system stops immediately, I guess it is. The processor is bought a bit cheaper, since it came in an opened package; it is bought in an official computerstore though with all the guarantee. Important for me to know it if it is at all possible that a faulty CPU causes a problem like this. I cannot test the system right now with another CPU, since I do not have another one. Can only buy another cheap one to try, but not right now; have spent a small fortune already to get this system runnig somehow!

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June 23, 2015 at 11:02:22
Did you benchtest the hardware to confirm everything works before installing it in the case? And this testing you've mentioned, is it being done with the hardware inside the case or outside? Troubleshooting while everything is still in the case & connected can be difficult.

I looked up the specs & the CPU support list for your board. The FX9370 is a very high wattage CPU (rated at 220W). Do you have the 8-pin ATX12V plug connected to the board? It also needs BIOS version F3 which was just released about a month ago. Any idea which BIOS version you currently have?

If you haven't already done so, remove the board from the case & place it on a non-conductive surface. Make sure the CPU & HSF are properly installed with the correct amount of thermal paste. AMD CPUs require the middle dot method for paste application. Install just one stick of RAM, a graphics card & if the card requires a PCIe plug, make sure it's connected. Plug in a PS/2 keyboard if you have one, otherwise use USB. And connect a monitor to the video card. Nothing else should be connected.

Switch on the monitor, plug in the power supply, & since there doesn't appear to be a power button built into the board, momentarily touch a flat blade screw driver across the two pins used for the case power button. With any luck, the board will come to life & you'll be able to access the BIOS using the keyboard.

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June 24, 2015 at 06:05:27
Thanks for your reply! I have sent the mainboard as well as the PSU to the technical service of the computer shop I bought it from. So these tests are done out of the case I presume. I cannot test the components myself, but I can do what you suggested. I would not have been able to think out all that you suggested myself, so thanks for the suggestions! I do know that the CPU has a high tdp and took every precaution in making sure that all other componenents are compatible. The mainboard is rev 4.1, which should support this processor, but true, I have not been able yet to get to the bios and check which bios version the mainboard uses/has. Will try to get into the bios as you suggested this evening and let you know the outcome. The graphic card is a very simple one without any need for seperate PCI-express power; I do not use the sli function of the mainboard; only use one graphic card. I did connect the seperate power plug on the mainboard to power the CPU; that should be in order. But, again, the way of hooking up only the necessary components as you described, seems a good one to me! You will hear from me!

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June 24, 2015 at 10:38:27
This article gets posted quite a bit, it should be helpful for bench-testing/troubleshooting:

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