Proccesser upgrade Problem

June 30, 2009 at 17:45:08
Specs: Windows XP
A friend of mine works at a Comp. Shop across town and asked me if i wanted any old parts they where throwing out, So me deciding getting something for free rather than buying something new is always good.

Among the parts he brought over was a

intel pentium 4 3.2 Ghz/1M/800


Which interested me because my own Computer
Windows xp
Motherboard:Asustek computer INC.
Chipsetintel i845D
SouthBridge:82801BA (ICH2)

Bios Brand: Award software INC.
Version 3.02

Only has a intel pentium 4 1.8 Ghz proccesser
So naturally i was quite excited at The New proccesser My friend had brought i immediately began googling Trying to find as much inFo. on my Comp as possible after gooing through forum tutorials as well as youtube i decided the basic thing 2 Do was replace the existing one and Hope for Compatibility. But to no avail My computer would Turn on but would show no screen nor sound.

So after further Googling i found that some motherboards[according to multiple forums ive read] Must have Motherboard bios updates in order to comply with newer proccessers.

The only other problems ive found is if you visit asustek website for bios updates my motherboard isnt listed.

Nor when i downloaded assus update utility does it find any bios updates.

So now that ive explained my problem Can you Help?
IF any more information is needed please implore it here and i will reply.


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June 30, 2009 at 18:42:48
You have an OEM board out of an HP/Compaq? It doesn't support 800MHz FSB CPUs. In fact, it only supports 400MHz FSB. So even if you were to get that CPU to work (which I doubt), it would only run at 1/2 it's rated other words, 1.6GHz. So it would be slower than your current CPU.

P4B266-LA Motherboard Specifications

To be able to take full advantage of the CPU, you'd need a new board & new RAM at the very least.

Ask your tech buddy...he *should* know that.

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June 30, 2009 at 18:43:56

You have an oem computer and a 400 fsb max...forget it

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June 30, 2009 at 19:09:11
Yoh thnxz 4 the reply,
appreciate it
[i would ask trey but hes more tech illiterate then your average bum LoL he mostly takes inventory:]

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