physical memory usage history - help !

March 6, 2011 at 12:25:34
Specs: Windows Vista
i have an Acer aspire 5630.
i use it only for very basic email and internet.

problem is - when i start the computer it takes ages and sounds like it's "working" hard. when eventually the screen boots up to show the shortcuts etc, there is no response to clicking on one - for example to open firefox.

when i look at task manager it shows roughly between 7% - 20% CPU usage but phyical memory is at 75% as a minimum !

i don't know how to take a sceen shot of the task manager but here are the stats from the Performance tab

physical memory
total 1021
cached 425
free 16

kernel memory
total 134
paged 88
nonpaged 45

handles 25855
threads 1030
processes 75

when i look at the processes tab in taskmanager it shows firefox.exe using 93,052K and the next biggest is a plugin-container.exe which is described as a plug in container for firefox.
i then have a couple using between 5k and 8k. everthing else is smaller.
the processes tab in taskmanager lists only 22 processes

i'd really love some help please.

thanks a lot

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March 6, 2011 at 14:32:13
"i'd really love some help please"

If you want help, try asking in the correct forum. Also, it appears you're running Vista with only 1GB RAM, so you shouldn't expect your system to be blazing fast.

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March 7, 2011 at 11:55:17
thanks for your ideas although i'd be grateful for some additional ones.

i have followed the steps described in the link suggested by mickliq but it's not made a noticable difference.

mickliq - thanks for the suggestion I've posted in the wrong place - i'd be happy to move the post but you do not say where!

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March 7, 2011 at 13:41:40
You are using Vista so your post should be under Vista.
1-Open msconfig (type msconfig in run box), go to start tab and look what processes are running there. You can uncheck everything except for MS, Windows, and antivirus (you can add some back later), click OK and restart the machine.
2-Download Malwarebytes (free version), install and run. This will often pick up on malware wasting your system resources, even ones many antivirus programs miss.
3-Add additional memory, as above, Vista would run better on 2GB RAM. Since you probably have 2x500MB SODIMM's in a matched set, you will probably need to purchase a matched set 2x1GB SODIMM's. (Go to and let their site evaluate what you need in memory, regardless of where you purchase.)

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