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[Solved] PC won’t boot after CPU upgrade

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Hi all, today I upgraded from my i5-6600 CPU to an i-7 7700, I removed the old CPU fan, removed the old CPU, then I applied thermal paste to the new CPU coolers base, put the new CPU in (it fit) and put in the new fan. Then I tried to start it up, but it wouldn’t boot, the fan spins but after about 20 seconds it shuts off suddenly, all with absolutely no picture on the screen, then I put my old CPU and fan back, and there was no change, it still wouldn’t boot, except this time, the fan wouldn’t spin either, I am incredibly worried, please help


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  1. Do not remove the motherboard. If it was working prior to the upgrade, there’s likely nothing wrong with it.

    “I applied thermal paste to the new CPU coolers base”
    “The cooler came with thermal paste attached to it but I Still added a little extra”

    Paste is supposed to be applied to the CPU, not the “coolers base” (other than factory applied). And if there was a pre-applied pad or paste, you should NOT have added more paste to it.

    Reinstall the i5. Make sure to thoroughly clean ALL traces of the old thermal material from both the CPU & bottom of the heatsink. Apply fresh paste on the CPU using the vertical line method, then install the heatsink/fan (aka cooler).

    If the system boots up after doing the above, update the BIOS to version F21. After that’s been done, swap the i5 for the i7, repeating the thermal paste application process. Do NOT re-use the old paste.

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