PC does not turn on when CPU is plugged in MB

September 19, 2010 at 07:14:15
Specs: Windows Vista, 2.8GHz / 3GB DDR2
While cleaning my computer I accidentally got a bit of water spilled into it. Little bits of water got pretty much everywhere. I noticed a bit of water got into the CPU heat sink. At first my lack of knowledge thought that the heat sink was the CPU. Worried, I unscrewed the heat sink and pulled it off. I noticed at the same time I pulled off the CPU, without lifting the release lever. I blow it off to try and remove water and without even knowing about the lever i try to put it back in the slot. I missed, i bent a few pins. Not terribly though. With a mechanical pencil I was able to repair these pins to a fit position, however one of the pins broke off. After learning the heat sink and CPU were two separate objects i tried to pull it off, it was difficult but eventually i was able to wiggle it apart. After doing so I was able to easily place the CPU in the socket with the lever released, then pushing down the lever to lock the CPU into place. However, the computer does not turn on at all with the CPU in place. There is a fraction of a second power light on my GPU then all fails. It doesn't turn on. However, when I remove the CPU I notice that everything turns on: MB fans, GPU, Disk drives all function - but not when the CPU is in place.

Does anyone know what the problem may be? Is it the CPU? or the MB? Could I replace the CPU with a new one? I'd like to know before I have to buy or build another computer.

Thanks for the help!

HP Computer
AMD 5700
ATI HD 4850

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September 19, 2010 at 12:41:25
may be both are bad (mobo and cpu). Find a compatible system to test cpu.
U did a useless test, without a cpu & ram a system never start.

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September 19, 2010 at 13:07:21
Did you take anti-static precautions when handling CPU ?

Why clean PC with water, all you need is a can of compressed air to blow out dust !

If pin broke off it is useless, take it to have it repaired by a professional.

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September 20, 2010 at 01:42:37
do u hear beeps when u turn the pc did u try to test the cpu in another system with the motherboard
plus never clean a pc or any electrnic device with water if it wont work im afraid that the cpu needs repair by a repair shop

computers are a second home

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September 21, 2010 at 03:09:40
Thanks for all of your replies. The CPU is very cheap. about 40 bucks. unless it can be repaired for <15 bucks. or If a shop that does free diagnostics is willing to check MB/CPU out for me I'd do that.

On a side note I did not clean the computer with water. It's just a sports bottle with mouth piece open spilled on table above the PC i was cleaning - spilling bits of water in it. (had PC on its side, cleaning with the air blower)

Well thanks guys !

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