Overclocking an old pc, help needed please

November 13, 2010 at 04:41:59
Specs: Windows XP
hi, i have had a go at OC my computer but finding and collating the info i need is somewhat confusing, i hope someone with tech skills would be able to help me with this.
XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3700+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.4GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
2048MB RAM pc3200 ddr400 CL=3 8 4 4
Page File: 348MB used, 4608MB available
Maxtor 6L200M0 250 gig HD
Creative SB X-Fi platinum

this set is 5 years old and it seems i am having issues running some games, would like to clock it up or atleast sort out the bus speeds so it will run a bit better, i have over time had to reinstall windows 3 or 4 times and never reset speeds so i am sure there is a bottleneck somewhere.
thanks in advance.

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November 13, 2010 at 06:33:32
The fact that you've had to reinstall the OS "3 or 4 times" is not a good indicator. What were the reasons for all these reinstalls?

Here's what I suggest for your overclock BIOS settings:

AI Overclock Tuner = Manual
CPU FSB Frequency = start at 230, work up to 255
AGP Overclock in MHz = 67MHz
FID/VID change = Manual
Processor Frequency Multiplier = 11x
CPU voltage = 1.60v
DDRRAM Voltage = Auto (or if you know your RAM voltage, enter it)
AGP Voltage = 1.5v

Cool N' Quiet = Disabled

GART Error Reporting = Disabled
HT Ratio = 3

MemClock Mode = Manual
MemClock Value = 333MHz
MCT Timing Mode = Manual
CAS Latency = 2.5
RAS to CAS Delay = 3 CLK
1T/2T Timing = 1T
Master ECC Enable = Disabled
Audio CODEC Interface = Disabled
Primary Video = AGP
Aperture Size = 128 MB
AGP FW Enable = Auto
AGP Sideband Address = Auto

**** All the above is based on the assumption that you have DDR400 RAM. If you have anything else, the settings will be different. ****

With the CPU FSB Freq at 230MHz, the CPU will run at 2.53GHz, the RAM at 181MHz (DDR362), the HT bus at 690MHz. As you increase the CPU FSB Freq, the RAM & HT will increase along with it. What you need to do from here is increase the CPU FSB Freq 5-10MHz at a time & try to get it up to 255MHz. If you can pull it off, the CPU will run at 2.80GHz, the RAM at 200MHz (DDR400) & the HT at 765MHz.

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November 13, 2010 at 08:19:30
the ram is exactly how i posted it, i will set up as you have said and see what happens. thank you very much ;)

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November 13, 2010 at 08:39:34
You must have added the RAM info after the fact because initially all you had listed was "2048MB RAM". Even though the stock RAM timings are 3-4-4-8, use the 2.5-3-3-10 that I suggested.

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November 13, 2010 at 09:13:06
yes, i updated, i have set what i can according to your specs, the thing is, i dont see some of the settings you have listed.
AGP Overclock in MHz
FID/VID change
AGP Voltage
GART Error Reporting
Aperture Size
AGP FW Enable
AGP Sideband Address

for this setting
Primary Video i have PCI or PCI-E as options, no agp

the Processor Frequency Multiplier, is this the cpu multiplier?

also, i have things like this in the dram settings
row precharge time
row cycle
row refresh cync time
read to write time
write recovery time

and in the cpu settings i have
pci express clock, set to 100mhz
ddr voltage set auto
cpu multiplier
cpu voltage will only go upto 1.550 so i set it to that
pci clock sync which has auto/cpu/33.33 as options.

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November 13, 2010 at 10:28:30
Sorry, I gave you the settings for the wrong board. Please ignore my other response. Return your settings back to the way they were, especially the CPU voltage. I thought it was an ASUS K8N-E but now I see it's the A8N-E. I'll get back to you a little later. I have to download the manual & review the BIOS chapter.

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November 13, 2010 at 10:40:32
thank you , your help is very much appreciated.

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November 13, 2010 at 12:17:56
I believe the S939 3700+ runs at 2.2GHz (11 x 200MHz) so we'll shoot for 2.75GHz (11 x 250MHz). Try these:

Hyper Transport Freq = 4x
Cool n Quiet = Disabled

Max Memclock = DDR333
1T/2T Memory Timing = 1T
CAS# Latency (Tcl) = 2.5
RAS# to CAS# (Trcd) = 3
Min RAS# (Tras) = 10
Row precharge (Trp) = 3
Master ECC Enabled = Disabled

Plug & Play OS = No
Init Display 1st = PCIe

Overclock Profile = Manual
CPU Freq = 250MHz
PCI Express Clock = 100MHz
DDR Voltage = Auto
CPU Multiplier = x11
CPU Voltage = 1.45v
Overclock Options = Disable

"pci clock sync which has auto/cpu/33.33 as options"

I didn't see that in the manual but set it to 33.33

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November 13, 2010 at 12:27:38
sweet, i will try that now, thanks :)

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November 13, 2010 at 18:59:30
gone to 2.6 and all ok so far, i will work up to 2.75 tomorrow. there are also some more commands in the dram section you did not mention, was there a reason or is it best left alone?
row cycle
row refresh
read to write time
write recovery

also it there a program that will lalow me to set my graphic card fan to max other than river tuner, now i have this working well i dont want to use river in case it messes it up

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November 14, 2010 at 18:28:55
"gone to 2.6 and all ok so far"

The CPU frequency, CPU multiplier, RAM frequency & HT frequency are all related. The settings I listed are for 2.75GHz (11 x 250) & will run the RAM at approx 197MHz, the HT at 1000MHz. Actually, if you were to take the CPU frequency to 255MHz, the CPU would run at 2.8GHz & the RAM would run at full speed.

If your 2.6GHz settings are 11 x 235, the RAM is only running at 185MHz & the HT at 940MHz.

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November 15, 2010 at 10:04:36
ahhh, i see now, it was my misunderstanding.
ok, well you have been extremely helpful, my system now runs really nice. thank you very much for your time. :))
i will ensure that the elders of my village will tell stories of you, around the campfire, for many years.

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November 15, 2010 at 13:13:08
omg, i thing i just fried my memory. i set all as you put above, CPU frequency to 255MHz, was watchin tvcatchup, when suddenly........ pc said no. switched off, restarted itself, no screen and pc was saying 1x beeeeep 2x beep. swithced off pc, thank god i have internet on the phone lol, checked for issue but had loads of conflicting posts. took out the 2 gig of geil ddr400, replaced it with some crap ddr400, now i have vid again, reset bios back to default just to be on the safe side. will prob leave overclocking alone now.

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November 15, 2010 at 17:29:54
The settings I provided could NOT fry your RAM. If you did everything correctly, the RAM would have never exceeded it's default frequency of 200MHz. And even if you did overclock the RAM, or even over-overclock it, it would NOT fry....the system simply wouldn't be able to boot up. The only way to fry it would be to overvolt the hell out of it.

1 beep + 2 beeps means there's a problem with the video card.


Could it be that you have a weak power supply?

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November 15, 2010 at 18:39:40
no, i have a card that had an issue, an x1900, when that went, i lost video but everything else worked. but when i switched on i got 3 short beeps.

i tried this card to be sure and yes, the shagged card gave different beeps to this one.

i have however put the giel ram back in and now have 3072MB of ram, dont think its ok though because although its all ddr400, only the 2 sticks of giel are the same

i am not going to strip it all out to get the specs, but rest assured the PSU is more than adequate.

im not having a digg at you micliq, overclocking a pc is a risk and that is one i took, if it goes wrong, its my fault ;)

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November 15, 2010 at 18:49:04
"i switched on i got 3 short beeps"

AWARD doesn't list a 3 beep code.

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