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Hello to all of you guys.I would appreciate your help cause i m completely noob,in overclocking my cpu.
As i write i built a system with this configuration E6550+ASROCK G41M-S3+8GB(4GBx2)1333mhz CORSAIR RAM.
All just fine.Except..i want to overclock my cpu but i m completely noob.
I tried this with octuner utility from asrock.
I see a pcie frequency at 100,a ratio at 7(i cannot increase it,only decrease it at 6.
And cpu frequency at 333.I m starting with 2-3 digits each time but when i reach 345 computer freezes.
I tried several different position of jumpers but with no result.
Can you help me do an overclocking through bios?
Thank you in advance experts!


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  1. Software overclocking rarely works well. Overclocking should be done thru the BIOS but I don’t know how successful you’re going to be with that setup. Make sure you have BIOS version 1.40.…

    The board only officially supports 1333MHz FSB (333MHz) but should be able to clock higher. The problem is the RAM is going to hold you back. You’re going to have to underclock the RAM to be able to overclock the CPU, which means the CPU:DRAM ratio will not be optimal.

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