One core not working?

November 22, 2011 at 09:38:45
Specs: Windows 7, AMD 2200 MHz 4Gram
Okay so recently my fan has been acting up and making my laptop get pretty hot. It'll only do this until I reboot, but it can get pretty hot.
I eventually downloaded a program to let me see how hot the CPU was getting. It was at like 80 degrees Celsius, which is pretty hot.

Anyways though, I started messing with the program, and ended up look at my motherboards status. It said 1 of my 2 CPUs weren't doing anything, it was always at zero percent. The Other CPU was doing fine, but whatever percent it was at was the same percent task manager showed.

So I'm wondering if the heat of my laptop fried one of my CPUs? I've also fallen asleep and dropped it before so that maybe thats what caused it?
I'm wondering because my Laptop was a lot faster when I originally got it new, I mean this could just be one of those age slows a pc down things but I dunno. Do I have a problem guys?

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November 22, 2011 at 09:50:38
Have you checked the boot options in msconfig? You may have somehow enabled one processor only.

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November 22, 2011 at 10:19:27
U have dual core CPU and not dual CPU. 80c at idle? Did u try to use Ccleaner? un-necessary starup items can hold machine perfomance.

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