Solved My Windows Show Red Background Screen With Grub Letter. Help

June 22, 2017 at 02:25:07
Specs: Android , Laptop

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Windows 7

Solved how can i start my windows in normal way?
abhidubeyhard December 14, 2015 at 21:56:15
Specs: Windows 7

When I turn on my computer I have a red screen come up right away and I can't get rid of it. On the top it says "GRUB4DOS 0.0.4 2009-10-11, Memory: 638k / 3069m, MenuEnd: 0x451EC"
someone said this has something to do with Linux which I don't have or never used so I'm not why this is on my laptop or how to get rid of it. I can get into Bios but I can't get into any safe modes to try anything. I was in windows and had a few pages open, put my computer to sleep and the next day this all started. How do I get it back to starting in windows like normal. The screen has this on it
windows with SLIC Loader pointer default
windows with SLIC Loader bootmgr
windows without Loader
windows with SLIC Loader use alt
windows with SLIC Loader use older
windows with SLIC Loader full debug
windows with SLIC Loader more forceful
Load externel menu
Grub command line
I've tried to boot from the windows cd but won't let me do that either. Any help would be great.
I tried to format the Laptop so when i inserted DVD the red screen vanishes and it shows Press any key to boot....but am not able to press any key as keys are not working automatically goes in loop and restart again and again..
Please help

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Johnw December 15, 2015 at 00:33:13
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GRUB4DOS 0.0.4 2009-10-11, Memory: 638k / 3069m, MenuEnd: 0x451EC

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See More: My Windows Show Red Background Screen With Grub Letter. Help

June 22, 2017 at 07:46:39
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I take it that you found a post which describes the same problem as
you are currently experiencing, and copied it here, without adding any
of your own text, but then wrote a short description of your own and
posted it in a separate thread. That often happens when people are
first learning how to use forums. When you want to add a new post
to an existing thread, first go into that thread, then use a Reply box in
that thread, like I'm doing right now.

The Grub screen is indeed part of a Linux operating system.

Most likely you just need to learn how to use Grub.

Did you have a working Windows system?

Did you then try to install a Linux-based operating system, or run
a Linux-based system from a removeable disk or memory card?

Do you want to be able to access data that is on your computer,
or do you just want to wipe everything out and start over with a
fresh install of your operating system?

If you had a working Windows system, and want to recover data,
then you may need to check for malware. Others here will guide
you through doing that.

If you just want to wipe everything out and start over, do you have
the operating system you want on removeable media, or is it stored
(by the computer's manufacturer) on a partition on the computer's
hard drive? Which operating system do you want to install?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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