My quad core processor wont use all four core

August 17, 2011 at 06:27:49
Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel Quad-Core i3 2.10GHz / 4G RAM
Hello, i recently bought a new toshiba laptop with following hardware:
Memory: 500G
CPU: Intel CORE i3 (2.10GHz) I know, i wanted a cheap laptop XD
So, theres the most important hardware i can confirm, the OS is Win7 Home Premium.

So, when i got my laptop, I made it kinda my own, i downloaded ccleaner, firefox, cleaned up the startup files and so on. After that, i downloaded Backtrack 5 on a cd using Img Burn (
After that, i booted up the cd and installed Backtrack 5 on my Harddrive next to windows. aka dual botting backtrack and windows.
So, I have no problems using either Backtrack or Windows, but when i started up wow, it said i cant play on high resolutions, because i needed a dual core processor. So i checked taskmanager > Performance and it showed med only one graph or my CPU not four.
So, I have a local computer repairer, tho, Im not shure what hes gonna do, like doing changes to backtrack, cuz that can fck up the rest of my computer boot-up.
So Im asking here first, if anyone of you know anything about backtrack, maybe those could be the most suited for this answe, what i mean is that the problem probably lies in installation of backtrack 5. Because before that, the graph did show four cores, but after installation it decreased to only one. And by wow telling me i need another core extra, it is clear that the task manager dont tell lies to me. Because it probably means my computer dont actually USE the other three cores. And YES, i have checked the BIOS settings, multi processing is enabled and all other settings connected to this topic have been confirmed to not interrupt with my computers use of quad cores. So, I have posted some questions here before from another user and i expirienced quick reply. Thats the reason i chose this site first. I hope you can help. I know google is my friend, but all i could find was commercials for the i3 processor. It certaintly means i used wrong search words. But I tried more than enough times on google before i posted this. So im no herpty derpt, I just dont wanna spend money if I could avoid it in the first place :)

-Very happy norwegian :)

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August 17, 2011 at 07:40:36
Ok, sorry to bother you people :( I easily fiksed it, and relaized its not a common error. I will write what i did to future similar problems:
I remembered i had cleaned up my startup services and processes in the "msconfig".
And i remembered that I where in a tab called uhm, let me see here:
Its in Boot > Advanced
There i just checked the box saying processors. I left it on one, because i thought if they meant cores, they would write cores. So, theres my problem. Just a pitty configuration error, thats all. Im so sorry to bother you :)

Cya! :)

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August 17, 2011 at 08:20:16
I'm a bit puzzled. As far as I know all i3 processors are dual-core only.

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August 17, 2011 at 08:21:26
Core i3 is a dual core CPU with hyperthreading not quad core CPU.

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