My pc is slow need help

Gateway Mx7120
June 2, 2009 at 01:16:18
Specs: Windows XP SP 3, 448 mb
Heres my System Info
I have a windows xp pro
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

Procceser 3400+
2.19 GHz, 448 MB of RAM

Free space 73.7 GB
Total Size 89.0 GB

I dont know if you need this but i think its a prob with the virtual memory not sure..
Every now and then a little box appears saying low on virtual memory and ive fixed that by changing the size of the paging file.
Total paging file size
Minimum allowed 2 MB
Recommended 669 MB
Currently allocated 672 MB
Does that look right?

My computer is running very slow ive been trying to figure out what is wrong with it for weeks.
Ive downloaded Windows Live One Care and my comp is now up to date ive ran virus scans and i did have alot of virus'
but I romoved them although when i start up a error message appears saying "Erorr running suduso.exe the specified module couldnt not be found"
The same again but with a file named gafolono.exe now I'm assuming thats a virus i deleted and its still in the startup menu but im not sure
thats why I'm asking you.

Ive done a disk check a disk cleanup and a disk defragmentation
Deleted program files i rarely use got rid of AOL that had alot of problems...
deleted a ton of pictures and i have no music/videos stored on my pc.

When i open the wimdows task manager and go to processes
It has normally 46 procceses i dont know why or what most of them are.


system idle process

Can u tell me if any of them are harmful or i dont really need
do you know any ways i can keep them from running if i dont need them??
Or to maintain them?

Performance tab
LOL i dont know what this means...
Handles 11430
Threads 503
Proccesses 46

Kernel Memory
total 43520
paged 28252
non paged 15268

Phusical Memory
Total 456944
Available 80472
System cache 128572

Commit Charge
Total 451976
Limit 1076132
Peak 566052

I have a wireless internet connection and my computer runs alright on the internet unless i try watching videos or music then it skips.
It skips when any kind of audio is playing on or offline even when i boot the boot sound skips.

I've recently installed Sims 2 Deluxe
It takes about 10 - 15 minutes to load anything except for when im in play mode then it just skips and the audio does too (no scratches)
I have noooo idea.

I really need your help it seems like all ive been doing is screwing with this thing lately please help!!!!
Thank you so much


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June 2, 2009 at 05:32:25
Your question has nothing to do with CPUs or overclocking. And it would help to know that you're asking about a notebook rather than a desktop.

To start with, you don't have very much RAM. 512MB is OK but not great & 64MB of it is going toward the onboard video.

You have several questionable startup entries. Notice the 1st two entries...Iexplorer & iexplorer? And you seem to have numerous files loading that are related to Media Player...are they necessary? GoogleToolbar is spyware. BigFix? All these may seem like good things but will slow your system down. And other than Windows One Care, it doesn't appear you have an anti-virus program? Dump One Care & replace it with something that actually works...AntiVir, AVAST, AVG Free are 3 free antivirus programs that work quite well. You should also have a cleaning program & use it regularly...I recommend CCleaner. And there are plenty of spyware/malware removers available...try MalwareByte's Anti-Malware. You can find them all here & they're all free:

If you install CCleaner, pay attention during the setup & make sure to uncheck the box for Yahoo's spyware & should NOT be installed.

And let Windows handle the paging file.

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June 2, 2009 at 12:17:00
Yes, well i dont know very much about computers what would it be under then??
I updated my RAM when i first bought the computer.
And well, i was on internet explorer while i was writing that could be why...
I rarely use media player i wonder why they're there. Which of the procceses are related to media player?????
Like i said im a newbie at this. And yes its a laptop
Bigfix came with the computer i really have no idea what it does or why its there ill probably go ahead and delete that.
Windows live one care works really good for me its gotten rid of all my infected virus' and prevented many too.
It has a built in tune-up/clean-up/Defragmentor. I dont plan on getting rid of that but thanks for ur help.
I've tried a few of the programs you stated in the past to get rid of a viscous program named Anti-Virus 2009
That one really gets ya. says its a microsoft program and all it sucks.
None of them would get rid of it fully until i got windows live one.
Now u said that googletoolbar is spyware bad or good? how do i remove that?

Thank you once again


ps. oh yeah and what is overlocking and what does it do would it help me any??

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