my lenovo y410p cannot boot... power button is lit

July 15, 2014 at 09:09:13
Specs: w8
Help ! This thing also happens to me.. the power button is on but the screen is black.. cannot even boot.. i try swapping the ram, it also doesnt work..

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July 15, 2014 at 12:07:53
It could easily be anything from the motherboard to the CPU to the power supply.

You could try troubleshooting it yourself, but this would require dismantling the computer, which is especially difficult with laptops.

Is the computer under warranty? If so, I suggest you send it in to Lenovo, as this is likely the easiest option.

Otherwise, it would probably be considerably easier (and cheaper) to buy a new laptop.

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July 15, 2014 at 20:32:49
With laptops the first thing you can do is to try the machine with the main battery removed and the power cord plugged in. This will tell you if it is the battery since a shorted battery will prevent it from powering up even with the power cord attached.
Second, try a different power cord if you can borrow one from someone who owns the same brand in a similar model. If the power cord is bad, it is neither powering the system nor charging the battery.
After that, you will have to tell us more about what is happening. What you see, hear, and the results of these tests. Any lights, beeps, fan sounds, etc. could help.
If under warranty, stop here and get it to their service center or where you purchased it from. If it is really old, it might pay to replace it instead of spending more on it, but if it is only a few years old, it might pay to get a pro to look at it for you. Be honest, if it was dropped, spilled on, or any abuse, telling them since will save them time and you money if they know about it from the beginning.

By the way, this does not belong in the CPU/Overclocking forum, if should be under hardware or under the post where your operating system is (Windows 8?).

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