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Solved motherboard info PWWAM GL40 chipset closest ive seen PWWAA

October 20, 2019 at 15:02:48
Specs: win 7 64 bit, CELERON T3500 DDR3 1066
in ref to the motherboard nono's an no clear info for the PWWAM toshiba C660 ~ mine is a 150 ive had the same tissue getting confusing or non complete results... tried everest which is now aida64, tried cpu z, tried speccy ...haha so the best i got was PWWAM and Toshiba motherboard..which at best made me wryly smile, whilst partially cursing the confusion when searching an finding PWWAA which also seemed to be the same??? only with hm55 or hm65 chipsets instead of GL40

even saw a pic of the two model numbers on the SAME mother what gives???

so now i bring u this link... which i cant say is perfect but it does give a hope.. i mean when someone wants to sell motherboards we'd hope they got their facts right... so heres the link *:D

my guess is an error or perhaps a partial change somewhere which never got fixed... due to seeing npics for the motherboard advertised and having both PWWAM & PWWAA + this site seems to list the series of toshiba laptops motherboards...
maybe PWWAM has GL40 chipset and PWWAA has HM^% or HM55... i dont know im so worn from searching im going for food and a coffee! *;)

as i say cant promise its perfect but im gonna compare it against what i know from lol all these other programs that have given me some/most info an check that it matches with the PWWAA one shown for a C660 series ~ good luck! )

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October 20, 2019 at 17:09:23
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This same motherboard issue was brought up about 1.5 years ago, here's the thread:

The problem is you're relying on software to provide the info. If you want to know exactly what you have, open up the laptop & find the model number. I posted this link in the old thread:

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October 24, 2019 at 16:54:25
Thanks Riider, really appreciate the link!

Yeah i didnt realise how old the thread was till i was so far in n then thought id add my info from the merriegoround of info i was getting i case someone else was having the same problem. *:)

The Link u gave though, covers everything for motherboards so far

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October 24, 2019 at 17:01:11
~(mobile mis-hit wrong button)~

cont : as i could possibly want an need to know ... AWESOME! Makes much easier to know what to do should i wish to experiment when i know a lot more about such.

use to build mobile phones n alarms n such years ago but never got in deep enough to get such knowledge to really Play around - yet absolutely Fascinating! { eg Steppings on wiki, how microchips are modified}

Neway, in short Thanks for shating ur Connection!

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October 24, 2019 at 17:02:23
#Sharing ~Not 'Shating' sounds like A new firm HateShare *;)

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