Solved Is my laptop overcloking or overheating ?

June 5, 2011 at 19:30:59
Specs: Windows 7, intel i5 580/6gb ram
I recently turned off one of the cores on my laptop to save power. It still works great, no hang ups etc. It has intel i5 580@ 2.66ghz tuboboost to 3.33 with hyperthreading. However when I go to cpu Z it says its running at 3.0 ghz. While on the resource monitor it says the frequency is at 100% and the load at around 7%. On another program called Core Temp, the frequency is usually around 2.30 ghz. and the load at 7%. All the info conflicts with each other (frequency). Anyway the temperature on CORr Temp shows is at 55 C. Normally when all the core were running the temp was around 45 C and the frequency at 1.5ghz.. And when it gets to 60 C the fans would speed up. However after turning the core off, the fan only speeds up when it reaches 65 C. but the laptop does not feel hot. I think the one core thats on is overclocking. I don't what's going on. I don't want it to overclock. It also seems that CPU Z and core temp is reporting conflicting frequencies.
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June 6, 2011 at 05:14:33
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Don't confuse frequency with clock speed. Your CPU clock speed is 2.66GHz. It has a base frequency of 133MHz & a default multiplier of 20x. The base frequency does not change but the multiplier is either raised or lowered based on load.

"I think the one core thats on is overclocking"

What do you think TurboBoost does? When it kicks in, the CPU multiplier is raised & that effectively overclocks the CPU.

SpeedStep (EIST) does exactly the opposite. It lowers the CPU multiplier, effectively underclocking the CPU under light or no load conditions. This conserves battery power & keeps the CPU running cooler.

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