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Solved Intel Q8400 Overclocking Help

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Hey, there

I need help overclocking an intel q8400. I had been trying to overclock it for several months in the past but it would always end up with unstableness. So… I just gave up. X'(

I needs help so I can finally succeed in this. It will be greatly apriciated.


Gigabyte G31m-es2l
4 GB DDR2 (idk what brand I got them from; computerbay or somthing like that)
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66GHz
Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU Cooler
EVGA GeForce GT 220
Raidmax 500W Power Supply



1 Answer

  1. “I tryed somthing. Instead of setting the multiplier to x7 and the other thing to 400 to get 2.80GHz, I changed it to x8 and the Frequency to 350 to get the same 2.80GHz”

    It’s NOT the same 2.8GHz. One runs at 1600MHz FSB, the other runs at 1400MHz FSB. In other words, 8 x 350MHz is slower than 7 x 400MHz. I recommended that you use 400MHz for a reason.

    Go back to 7 x 400MHz, memory multipler of 2.0, lock the PCIe at 100MHz, & increase the CPU voltage. Notice that I put “for starters” for the 1.20v setting, it’s up to you to find which voltage setting will allow the system to boot & run stably with the overclock settings. Intel lists the max safe voltage for the Q8400 as 1.3625v. Try the settings I recommended but bump the voltage up to 1.35v. If it runs stably at 7 x 400MHz at 1.35v, try 8 x 400MHz. If you have to, bump the voltage up again.

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