I upgraded my laptop's cpu and see no differe

Acer / 5315-2153
June 4, 2009 at 10:08:15
Specs: Windows XP, mobile 2.2ghz cpu 2 gigs ram
I upgraded my Acer 5315 laptop cpu from 1.73 Celeron to a mobile 2.2ghz duo-core Intel cpu. Device manager states it sees the 2.2ghz cpu, duo processor and bus speed is 789 mhz. So far I don't see any increased speed and I really haven't tried anything so far other than surfing or getting email. Shouldn't I see some differnces opening and closing a program or web page ? I don't see any speed differences in saving a web page either.

Are there sone tests I can do to verify that it isn't a bad cpu ? I bought it from ebay merchant and hope it is what I thought I bought.

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June 4, 2009 at 11:52:37
- It's not a bad CPU. You'd be staring at a blank screen if you had a bad CPU.

- Of course you're not gonna notice a difference in internet/email speed. If you want to browse the net faster, you'll have to pay for a faster internet connection.

- Running a synthetic benchmark (SiSoft, 3DMark CPU test, etc) is the easiest way to check CPU performance.

- There are quite a few "real-world" applications out there that are as good at isolating CPU performance as the synthetic tests. x264 is a program that I use to compress 42GB blu-ray M2TS streams to 12GB MKV files. It's probably one of the most scalable apps out there--one that can even push a dual-Xeon (8 threads) to its limits! If you're not lazy and truly want to see how your CPUs compare, you could drop the Celery-M back in to encode a 5-10 minute H.264 video using x264, then reinstall the C2D and encode the same video. The C2D should be more than twice as fast!

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June 4, 2009 at 18:21:25
The CPU is one of the last things you need to worry about in this day and age. Upgrading to a faster hard drive (ie. 5400RPM to 7200RPM) would have been a better upgrade for the money.

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June 6, 2009 at 14:22:34
Computers, as far as surfing the web,writing letters, email, playing solitaire or other fairly light task that many of us
still do with our computers, the old athlons, pent II, pen tIII's, did
quite well, and plenty quick. Now unless you get into
benchmarking, the new super games, graphics, video.etc
etc... don't expect the hype to live up to reality.
I know some one with a pent III computer, that plays simple
games and serfs the web about as well as this (much faster
computer) conroe L based job. Now it is only in cpu heavy
tasks, that this computer blows it away.

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