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How To Overclock Patriot Viper RAM?

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I have patriot viper ram, 16GB (2x8GB), 1866MHz and want to overclock.

Windows experience index says 7.8 on RAM and I want it to say all 7.9 (which is the best possible). Honestly I could care less about the speed increase. Call me crazy but I just want to see Windows telling me, “YOU HAVE THE MOST AWESOME COMPUTER”. lol 😉

I could also add two more sticks of RAM, but I don’t think that would increase the experience index, because it’s based off speed of calculations.


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  1. “RAM is 1866MHz as I had said”

    Yes, we know, but what speed is it running at? Have you manually configured the BIOS settings or are you running defaults? If you simply loaded the deafults, the RAM may be running at 1600MHz. Try using CPUZ to check your CPU & RAM settings:…

    “This guy like to brag about his toys”

    Yes he does.

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