how do I overclock this @#$%@#@ computer

Supermicro Supermicro c2sba+ - motherboa...
April 17, 2011 at 13:34:04
Specs: Windows Vista, 1.80GHz Intel Pentium E2160 Dual Core
I have been in the process of building AND learning about computers first hand and hands on for about the past 6 months or longer now . I have posted NUMEROUS questions on this web site and recieved the most helpful and fantastic down to earth answers very quickly !!! Sooooo , here we go again !!!! I have a intel pentium core 2 duo 1.8GHz E2160 cpu that runs at 800 MHz. When I check the CPU temps , I'm only seeing temps of 28-29 degrees celcius !!! Now here is exactly what my computer consists of !!!! I have a Rosewill Challenger Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower Case housing a Supermicro C2SBA+ motherboard with a G33 chipset and as stated previously a E2160 CPU !!!! I have 1.2 Gb of memory installed but plan on upgrading EVENTUALLY to the full 8 GB that it is capable of !!! Now, I have a Rosewill 1000 watt Bronze series RBR-1000-m power supply powering a Samsung HD161HJ 160 GB Hard Drive, a Samsung SV3002H 30 GB Hard Drive , a Samsung SPV0802 80 GB Hard Drive with 2- LG GH24NS50 DVD-RAM Drives, a LG GH22LP21 DVD-RAM Drive , and a Sony model MPF 520-1 Floppy Disk Drive !!! I am currently running Windows Vista as my OS and the most current BIOS for my motherboard per the manufacturer at version 1.2a !!!! Now I want to also install a E8400 or E8600 CPU to upgrade to over 3.0 GHz for more speed but have been told on numerous occasions that I could get that out of my present CPU by overclocking it !!!! HOW ???? I've been trying everything to get this thing to run any faster with NO luck whatsoever !!! If someone with ALOT of experience with this could PLEASE lead me STEP BY STEP through this so I could just get even a LITTLE gain of speed I would greatly appreciate it !!! Thank You in Advance !!! I look forward to your replies !!!!!

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April 17, 2011 at 14:24:25
It would help to list your specs as an actual list rather then spreading it out thru the body of the post. It's quite a mish-mash of parts too. You didn't list your RAM specs - DDR2-533, 667 or, 800?

Anyhow, below is a link to your board, the BIOS will dictate whether you can overclock or not. I downloaded the manual & unless I missed something, the necessary options aren't there. It looks like all you can do is raise the CPU speed by a perecentage - +5%, +10%, +15%. That's not going to get it done. You need to be able to change the memory speed, the CPU frequency (FSB), CPU multiplier, CPU:DRAM ratio, PCIe bus, voltages, Spread Spectrum & a few other settings. You can certainly experiment though.

Your CPU will easily do 3.0GHz (9 x 333MHz) but I don't think you can do it with that board.

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April 17, 2011 at 15:22:03
If you are interested, this board will OC that CPU as far as it can go:
I had an E2160 one of Gigbyte's G41 boards and reached 3.2GB stable with the temps in the low 40's at idle on the stock fan and now an E7500 at 3.54GB on the same board. I am currently running an E8200 at 3.2GB on one of their P43 boards without any problems. They OC really easy, once you get the hang of the details. You will find that the E2160 will never keep up with a core 2 series CPU, but it helps a lot while you are putting aside the funds. The E7500 or E7600 will reach higher OC than the E8200, the E8400 & E8500 are likely to do better, but at a higher cost. I have never gone in for really pushing the OC since I am looking for overall 'leave it and forget it' stability.

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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