Help with overclocking?

Micro-star international / Ms-6712
May 18, 2009 at 18:16:48
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, 1.2 GHz / 767 MB
OS: Windows XP PRO SP2

CPU: 1.2GHz

RAM: 767MB

V/C: nVidia GeFORCE 6200

Manufacturer: AMD Athlon XP (Msi according to the test on this site? I don't know if that's a different thing or something...)

I've been through the guides but I still cannot figure out how exactly to configure my BIOS.

It's a 10 year old (at least) PC with 3 DDR(1) RAM slots. Which is aparently old and rare.

I'm not too greedy and don't wanna cause any system lockups. Just a simple way to overclock it a bit for a smoother experience will do me :)

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May 18, 2009 at 18:42:32
The MS6712 is the KT4V, is about 5 years old and certainly not rare. I run one.

The board is not a good overclocker.

You need to identify the processor that you're running. Download and run CPU-Z. Let us know what it says.


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May 18, 2009 at 19:21:55
In case there would be any other useful info, I just copied the whole first paragraph about the CPU.

Name AMD Athlon MP
Codename Thorton
Specification AMD Athlon(tm) XP
Package Socket A (462)
Extended CPUID 7.A
Core Stepping
Technology 0.13 um
Core Speed 1200.1 MHz (12.0 x 100.0 MHz)
Rated Bus speed 200.0 MHz
Instructions sets MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE
L1 Data cache 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64-byte line size
L1 Instruction cache 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64-byte line size
L2 cache 256 KBytes, 16-way set associative, 64-byte line size
FID/VID Control no
K7 Thermal sensor yes

I expect it's more than enough info. :)

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May 18, 2009 at 20:47:14
Your CPU is underclocked. Why are you running the frequency at 100MHz?

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May 18, 2009 at 20:50:34
OK. If it's either a Thorton or an MP, it uses a 133Mhz fsb.

Lets say you have an Athlon MP. 133x12 gives 1600Mhz so you could have a Athlon MP 1900+.

If you're familiar with changing settings in BIOS, get into BIOS, go to the frequency/voltage control screen and change the 100 to 133. You'll need to key it in with the main number keys at top of keyboard. Save the BIOS settings and exit.

If it doesn't boot up, you can reset the BIOS using the JBAT1 jumper just above the motherboard battery.

Manual for this board is available at


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May 18, 2009 at 20:59:15
And remember to run the CPU:DRAM ratio at 1:1.

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May 18, 2009 at 21:05:42
Yeah, dufault settings should work for that. You can check by going to the Advanced Chipset Features > DRAM Timing Control screen. Auto should work but you can also set it to 266 if necessary.


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May 21, 2009 at 08:16:44
Okay, I've changed those BIOS settings. I noticed a speed-up of windows, but programs we're still going by the same pauses and loading times, if that means anything...

I took a snap of some overclock info though. I also wondered how I overclock the videocard and ram? I believe I only overclocked the CPU.


@jam. I couldn't understand the CPU:DRAM ratio thing. It seems to just say numbers like: 8x, 16x ect. (not in that order). So I left it on the default.

If you want, I'll write down some of the BIOS settings?

Thanks for the help for now, anyway :D

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May 21, 2009 at 10:09:26
Thanks for the addtional info. I was wondering if you had a Sempron appears you do.

Set the fsb to 166.

Your cpu screen should then read 2000Mhz and chipset heading should read PC2700 (166Mhz) instead of PC2100 (133Mhz).


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May 21, 2009 at 13:42:17
"I was wondering if you had a Sempron appears you do"

Hi Skip. What are you basing that on, the CPU voltage? I think you may be right. I don't like the looks of the +3.3v & +5v rails though. Then again, the RAM voltage is reported as 0.03v so it makes me wonder how accurate the program is.

Deji, try increasing the CPU frequency to 166MHz & see what happens. If Skip is right, your CPU will run at 2.0GHz.

"I couldn't understand the CPU:DRAM ratio thing"

All it means is that you should run both the CPU & RAM at the same frequency. If the CPU is at 133MHz, the RAM should run at 133MHz...CPU at 166MHz, RAM at 166MHz. It appears the ratio is already set correctly..."RAM Ratio : 1/1"

"I noticed a speed-up of windows, but programs we're still going by the same pauses and loading times, if that means anything..."

It probably means something else is going on that's not related to the CPU...possibly a virus, trojan, spyware/malware, etc.

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May 21, 2009 at 14:38:57
Yeah, 1.60v. A MP with a 12x multiplier is a Palomino core at 1.75v vCore and I don't think it'd even run at 1.60v.

"...makes me wonder how accurate the program is."

Like in Response 2; some of the info has to be bogus.

"I don't like the looks of the +3.3v & +5v rails though."

Me either...looks like a cheapo psu and this motherboard does not like shaky power supplies.

This board will only overclock about 3-4Mhz without requiring vCore increases and something around 173Mhz @ 1.700 is the limit for my Barton 2800+. It's best just to set it up properly and leave it at default settings for the cpu.


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May 22, 2009 at 09:06:31
Crap... Just realised how bad that ticking sound my PC's made for the last 6 months is... I think overclocking is the least of my worries for now. Thanks for all the help though. I'll be backing up documents and saying goodbye to my programs for now.

I hear the ticking thing is irrepairable and it's probably gonna break soon... But if you have any opposing thoughts, how could I fix it?

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May 22, 2009 at 09:29:53
You haven't even begun to overclock. Your CPU isn't even clocked at it's default speed yet. And your PC has been ticking for 6 months & you never did anything about it? It could be something simple like a bad fan, but it could also mean your HDD is about to die.

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May 22, 2009 at 16:29:05
Yeah, I just enabled a new fan that previously didn't work and diskchecked (found loads of errors). Anyway, now everything is about 10 degrees cooler and my hard drive isn't ticking (or at least not frequently). The mainbord is running at just under 30 degrees.

So what's next? I fixed up the other BIOS settings, I think. Or should I go for that 2.0GHz?

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May 22, 2009 at 16:47:25
Yeah, set the fsb to 166. I think you have a 2800+ Sempron.


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May 22, 2009 at 19:27:54
There. It's 2GHz now. What makes you think 2800+ Sempron? What is it? I've just never heard of that or ever seen it in anything on my PC (AMD? Yeah, that's probably it :D). Anyway, what's next?

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May 22, 2009 at 20:55:36
Well, if you want to be an overclocker, raise the fsb to 168Mhz. Then you will have an overclocked machine.

With this motherboard, I recommend you then set it back to default of 166Mhz. This board doesn't overclock well and the max overclock it's capable of just won't make any difference to you.

Now your video card is a different matter; most 6200's overclock pretty good.

What makes me think it's a 2800+ Sempron?

Two things; core voltage of the processor and other Athlon XP or MP uses a default vCore of 1.600v with a 12x multiplier.


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May 23, 2009 at 08:36:07
Okay, so how do I overclock the gfx card? By the way, everything else is running great. The only one problem is the noisyness of my front fan, but I can get used to that. It works so well that it keeps me cool from outside the case :P

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May 23, 2009 at 10:15:06
To be honest, your video card is crap. Even if you overclock, all you're gonna have is a slightly faster piece of

Try ATiTool:

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