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DRAM Frequency, Timing Mode And Command Rate

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Specs…(Taken from CPU-Z)

PC2-6400 (400MHz) [800 is my max RAM speed, but my mobo can take 1066]

It says that my DRAM Frequency is at 500MHz and my FSB:RAM is 1:2 I don’t know why cause I set it to 400MHz on my BIOS.

I want to get a perfect 1:1 CPU:RAM Frequency, I have my CPU clock up at 240 and my GFX at 625. I DO NOT want to touch my HT Link Speed because my computer crashed a few months ago.

-Timing Mode
There are 4 options. Auto, DCT1, DCT0 and Both. Which should I choose?

-DRAM Command Rate
Auto, 1t and 2t. Which one?


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  1. “I think these are the formulas..

    Core Speed = Clock * Multiplier
    Memory Frequency = Clock * Mem Freq.
    HT Link Speed = Clock * HT Freq”

    Not exactly. Try these:

    Core Speed = CPU Reference Clock x Processor Frequency Multiplier

    HT Link Speed = CPU Reference Clock x (HT Link Frequency setting / 200)

    Memory Frequency = Core Speed / Integer Divisor**

    **The Integer Divisor is calculated by dividing the Core Speed by the product of the (actual memory setting/default memory speed x CPU Reference Clock x 2), then rounding up to the next whole number.

    So using the numbers I listed in the previous response:

    Core Speed = 225MHz x 14 = 3150MHz

    HT Link = 225MHz x (1600/200) = 1800MHz

    **Integer = 3150MHz / (333/400 x 225 x 2) = 8.4, round up to 9

    Memory Frequency = 3150MHz / 9 = 350MHz

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