Does anyone have a crack for a OEM bios

January 12, 2011 at 18:10:36
Specs: Windows Xp home, 2.0 / 1gb ddr
I'm looking for a way to flash the OEM gateway bios on a Intel D845GRG mother board. I have tried the bios intel has listed for this broad on there site. i tried both ways of flashing the bios, the ez in windows way, and I have made the intel bios boot disc and removed the jumper for the bios to act as if the bios was bad and try to reset it with the intel Bios using
the floppy drive and Instead on the two beeps and wait two beeps, all o get is a little floopy drive niose for a min than nothing, it's almost as if the bios is saying no to the intel update flash, agggg i could gut hurt gateway for this, why do they have to be so.......

Yes, i am trying to upgrade the CPU from a celeron 2.0 /400fsb to a p 4 2.8 / 533, Please i know tha this board will take the cpu, (intel's site said so) the problem as i see it is that the gateway bios will not let me change the settings to support the newer CPU, also i would like the new ram i put in to run as a better speed than the gateway bios defult.

So all i'm looking for is a mod or fix to how to get past the Block gateway has put on this bios, and no i can't pull the bios off it's hard to the mobo?

Broad spec here:

although the OEM borad intel made for Gateway is missing a the AGP slot!!!

There has to be a OEM bios crack out there some where!!!!!

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January 12, 2011 at 18:44:42
An update BIOS must be specifically designed for your system or a failure is a virtual certainty. You chances of making this work is very, very small. The chances of making your motherboard into a doorstop are very high. I would give up on the idea.

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January 12, 2011 at 19:19:34
NA, this Desktop is already near doorstop level, i'm willing to take the chance if it could work, If i can't find a fix for this i may just be looking for a new MOBO anyway, just wish i hadn't got the new CPU already, darn OEM pc company's. I just can't see why a super smart person out there hasn't found a way to rewrite the bios info on a OEM mobo. It doesn't seem that complex, i'm even open to desoldering the Bios and resoldering a new one if someone can tell me it will work,(like link me to the Youtube vid of you doing it) I know i'm asking for a lot here. Thanks advance to all that read this!!! I know i prob just blowing of steam, but ya never know, mabe someone has been working on this kinda workaround and can lend a hand. I'm not even tring to OC this desktop, i just want to help it reach it's full potential. and not the bottlenecked PC Gateway made it.

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January 13, 2011 at 06:10:46
Your board is not built like the stock board, it was built FOR Gateway to their specs (should carry a different model number) and is probably made 'on-the-cheap' (hence the missing AGP socket). The stock BIOS will not work on this board, if you managed to get it to load, it would be its last time. The BIOS is probably written or converted into Binary or some basic assembly language, it is not like you could just type instruction changes into notepad and save the changes. See if you can return the CPU and put your efforts (and money) into replacing the Dinosaur with something modern. With the gen 2 i series just hitting the market, maybe you can pick up a buy on a core 2 & MB, unfortunately you will probably need RAM, PS, etc. also.

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