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January 22, 2015 at 20:30:44
Specs: windows 7, Core2duo
My computer froze then wouldn't boot up, no screen etc, I tried everything, stripping the system to bare minimum but nothing worked. I think it's either a processor or psu fault. I think it's a processor fault because when I turn the computer on, I disconnect the heatsink n fan and the processor is cold, even after ten minutes. Or maybe it could be the psu not pushing through enough power to make the processor work. I am using a Dell vostro 200. Another thing to add is that when I put the psu mains lead in, there is a amber light both on the motherboard and the power button. I researched this n results say that it's a loose connection. Also removed the cmos battery n out it back in after ten mins. I've looked at all the wires, took every wire out etc. Any other things I could try?

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January 22, 2015 at 21:19:29
Unless you have messed with the CPU voltage settings, it is very unlikely that you fried the CPU. I would see if you can borrow a power supply from a friend to be able to try that out. You may be able to purchase a moderately priced power supply locally where you might be able to return it if it is not the problem. Look for a power supply with an active PFC, 80% or greater certified efficiency, a single 12Volt rail, a 3 year or greater warranty, from a quality company. Corsair makes a 430Watt model that is often on sale and has more usable 12volt amperage than many cheap 500watt and even some 600watt models and should be more than enough for your mini-tower (if you have upgraded your graphics card, please state this make and model number, since it will make a difference in power supply recommendations).

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January 23, 2015 at 17:07:03
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The amber light is the clue. See page 81 of the manual. Are you hearing any beep codes?

Dell Vostro 200 Manual

See this Dell forum post:

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