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Solved Dell Precision T3500 Getting Really HOT! Please Help!

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Hello I have a dell precision T3500 with Bios A13 (Updated from A07) and I’ve seen other people who say their t3500’s idle at like 30-40c and 60c under load with the 130tdp (i think) cooler. the bigger one. well i have the bigger one available on my Xeon W3530 and it IDLES at a HUGE 78c and when it gets to about 13% usage on the CPU it gets to like 90c for no reason, I’ve used HWmonitor, NZXT CAM, Speed fan, and a few others. And they all report the same temps. the cooler on the CPU is passive cooled with no fan directly attached and i was wondering if i can add a aftermarket cooler to it? is the socket a standard 1366? i wanted to grab a Noctua cooler or something but I’m worried the socket isn’t standard mounting and the cooler will be too big. I’ve checked and replaced the thermal paste with no change in temp. When it hits 80c the fans rev up and get really loud and it’s annoying. Is there a TEMP readout in the bios? I’m really confused about these temps.

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  1. The max Tcase temp for the Xeon W3530 is 67.9C. There’s no way your temps are 78-90C without throttling or shutting down. I suspect you have a temp reporting problem.……

    Try updating the BIOS again…the latest version is A17.…

    And make 100% sure you applied the thermal paste correctly.…

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