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CPU Running At 94 Deg Celsius!!

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Hi folks,
I got a bit of a shock when I just opened Speccy to see how my graphics cards were going, because they (2x) generally run on the “warm” side (one at around 60C and the other around 80C) … which, even though this PC was built “professionally” and has quite a number of fans … is quite warm.

But the shock came when I saw that my CPU was running at 94 deg C!! At the moment, the current reading is … 91, but it’s fluctuated as “low” as 84 C a few minutes ago. It’s never run THIS hot before, a bit over the max of 68C but this is now serious!

What’s the best way to get the temp down in the future? Right now, I’m gonna turn the thing OFF, until there’s been time for some replies from you good people.

BTW, this computer is NOT overclocked!


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  1. As above, confirm core temperatures in CPU, I use SpeedFan, but as pointed out, checking in BIOS may be best. If your temps were that high, the CPU fan would be screaming until the board would shut the system down. About the only way your CPU should climb very high without overclocking and stress testing, would be if your CPU’s heat sink has come unmounted or they left off the thermal compound when attaching it. If you confirm that the temps are anything over 40 at idle or over 60 under load, check or better, remove and reset the heat sink with a quality thermal compound. See:…
    As far as fans, you should have flow through your case rather than just many fans interfering with each other. You should have a front fan down low blowing into your case and a rear fan high in the back blowing out (exhaust) of your case to keep colder air flowing in, up, and out as warmer air.

    You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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