CPU Fan causes freeze

August 25, 2012 at 15:51:35
Specs: Windows 7, Intel Core i7 2600k/ 8Gig RAM
Hi, can anyone help me with this ? When i switch on my PC, it boots, i can work for 5 minutes, then it freezes and I have to Restart. But after restart it won't boot (displays Win logo and then black screen. I can do it several times but still no boot into Win. BUT when I unplug CPU fan from MB it boots properly. I can run the PC, but i am limitted by CPU temperature (so i can't run games and so). If its unpluged and it works fine and i plug in the fan it freezes after 5 minutes. WHY ? Motherboard has updated BIOS. I tried to clear CMOS, but still no solving this problem. The CPU is Intel Core 2600k with box fan.

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August 25, 2012 at 16:29:58
"If its unpluged and it works fine and i plug in the fan it freezes after 5 minutes. WHY ?"

It's not working fine without the fan. It's getting too hot. You need the fan to blow the heat away. Are you sure the fan is connected to the proper header on the board? Have you monitored the CPU temp in the BIOS, with & without the fan connected? Who installed the heatsink? Was it installed correctly & with the proper amount of thermal paste?


"I tried to clear CMOS, but still no solving this problem"

Why would you do that? You have gone into the BIOS & reconfigured all the settings again? (not just date/time)?

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August 25, 2012 at 17:37:46
If it works fine for 5 minutes then it is heat. Heat even with the fan running because as riider points out if the heat sink was not properly fixed to the CPU then the heat is not properly being transferred to the heat sink and is trapped in the CPU causing the shut down for its protection. It would then not restart until it has had sufficient time to cool internally. Remove and reset the heat sink by following the instructions on then link riider provided above as your first step.
Installing Speedfan or HWMonitor would confirm this first if you prefer by showing you the actual internal temperatures in real time.
If it was an electrical issue with the fan then it either would not work, or the shut down would be immediate and the machine would restart immediately. The reason you get it to restart after trying to start it a couple of times and then opening the machine up and unplugging the fan is that by that time the CPU has then had enough time to cool off. The additional proof is that the shut down is the same with and without the fan attached. This is what points to the lack of a proper thermal connection between the CPU and the heat sink. Either the heat sink is not properly locked down, the thermal compound is missing, or it is not properly applied (either too little or too much).

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August 25, 2012 at 18:12:53
riider: It seems you don't understand me. I am sorry, i can't explain this very well. I said when the fan is UNPLUGED and the computer is working fine (it doesn't freeze, but the temperatures are high) and I PLUG IN the fan to make it blowing, the computer FREEZES after 5 minutes of using.

When I've cleared the CMOS I set everything as it was when it was wokring fine.

I can see the temperature on my keyboard LCD. When its unplugged it's about 80 degrees of Celsius in BURN mode and about 50 in IDLE.
But when its plugged in and not freezed it has about 60 in BURN and 30 in IDLE.

The heat sink was installed by professional and it fits correctly.
When the pc got stucked and I touch the heat sink it IS NOT very hot.

Just for clarification:
It does freeze when fan is PLUGGED. (low temperatures)
It doesn't freeze when its UNPLUGGED. (high temperatures)

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August 26, 2012 at 04:23:39
" It seems you don't understand me."
You apparently had this information all along but failed to provide it. What other information have you failed to provide. If we are going to be able to help you effectively, you need to provide the entire picture.

"The heat sink was installed by professional..." If this was a recent build or upgrade by a professional then you are under their warranty and you should simply go back to them and have it repaired. If it is not, then you have quite a bit to explain.

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August 26, 2012 at 09:22:23
"It seems you don't understand me"

No. I understand. You're not providing enough info. Where are the system specs, make/model of motherboard, power supply, etc? And when did this begin? Had the system been working correctly & this problem began without any warning? Or did you make changes & then the problem started? Did you reset the BIOS before or after this poroblem started? And after you reset it, did you correct ALL the BIOS settings? Defaults aren't necessarily the best performance settings, they are only a starting point, they need to be tweaked in accordance with your hardware.

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August 26, 2012 at 14:12:59
OK here are my spec:
MB Gigabyte PH67A-UD3-B3
CPU Intel Core i7 2600k Sandybridge
GPU Asus GeForce GTX580 Direct CU II
SSD Vertex 3 120Gb
RAM 8Gb (dont know what brand)
PWR Corsair TX750W

It began about week back. I didn't change anything in setup in BIOS and i didn't change any hardware. It began without any warning.

I did reset BIOS after it begin. I am sure, that everything in BIOS is set properly and exactly as it was before the problem started.

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