corsair twinx2048-3200pro

Amd / Opteron 170
January 10, 2009 at 11:40:28
Specs: win xp pro sp2, s939/2gb
i have a 2gb set of corsair twinx2048-3200pro memory. does anyone know where i can get some reviews on them? i am trying to push it to 240mhz but i am having trouble, it is set at a 1/1 ratio as of now. i dont know if these memory are capable of even going that high. if there are anyone who has reached this speed please let me know. if you could tell me what voltage, timings, cpu settings, and ram settings you have it at that would be great. here are my specs.

dfi lanparty nf4 sli-dr
amd opteron 170
corsair twinx2048-3200pro

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January 10, 2009 at 13:01:34
Technically, there is no 1:1 ratio to be concerned about on an AMD system because there's no FSB. Besides, 240MHz is pretty darn good for DDR400. At least you know what's capable of, now it's time to overclock the "right" way.

I believe the Opteron 170 runs at 2.0GHz (10 x 200MHz) by default...I'm guessing you're running it at 2.4GHz (10 x 240MHz)?

I don't know about DFI's BIOS terminology, but try this:

- lower the RAM setting to 166MHz
- lower the HT multi to 3x** (see note)
- lock the PCIe at 100MHz
- disable all Spread Spectrum settings
- keep the CPU multi at 10x
- start with the CPU freq at 240MHz & increase it in 5-10MHz increments, booting into Windows & testing for stability after each increase. With the above settings, the RAM shouldn't become an issue until you hit about 280-285MHz.

NOTE: if the CPU freq peters out anywhere between 240-270MHz, raise the HT multi to 4x.

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