computer cutting off heat sink fan very dirty anjd its makin

Gateway desktop / Phenom amd
September 23, 2012 at 12:01:27
Specs: Windows vista, amd 2.6 8 gb ram
OK computer will not boot ,, well kinda not. I changed some bios setting nothing major. the comp has been having prob for a while and I just got around to looking at it. I checked the hd using it on an external on my laptop worked fine. Last night it just stop making any start up noises. Two fans are running fine, hd is running. This morning I plugged HD back up and it booted. WOW. So I rebooted to change what had in bios and it froze. Now it is again not giving me any start up sounds. I be live it is the CPU, since I cant hear the CPU run. But I guess it could be the MB, however I would think that if that is the case then the HD would not run since it is plugged into the MB. All I get is a black screen. I am going to wait a few more hours and try it again.

The fan and heat sink on CPU was removed and cleaned as best I could with a q-tip. it is filthty. I allowed it to run longer. it is still making a bad buzzing noise near the sata plugs on MB. and it now just shuts down. Anyway how can I better clean the heat sink fan slots? they still have gunk in them. I cleaned MB as besI could w/out messing anything up. I pulled up one clip on processor but couldnt fiqure out how to get it out, I thought they had 2 clips to lift up then it should come off. this didnt look that way.

Now I think its the heat sink fan ontop of CPU that is dirty. how can i clean it. Then I will try diagnosing the buzzing sound.

email is

I know Intel have life time warrenties on their CPUs do AMDs have lifetime warrenties?


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September 23, 2012 at 17:15:54
First, use the edit feature and remove your email unless you enjoy getting slammed.

Once you remove the heat sink from the top of the CPU you need to clean off both surfaces and reapply the proper amount of thermal compound. Look here for the instructions for your particular CPU (they are not the same):

Then to reset your BIOS when you cannot get in, you need to clear your CMOS. This is often a jumper you need to move after unplugging the system power (AC from outlet) for a moment and then returning it. sometimes it is removing the CMOS 'coin' battery after unplugging the plug from the AC outlet, pressing the power button and then reinstalling it. Once you clear the CMOS you will need to reset the BIOS to defaults and things like system time and a few other settings. Please see your manual for details or post exact system info.
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