comp shut down after changing mem

February 14, 2009 at 21:02:49
Specs: Windows 2000
I have a Dell Latitude CPx and it was running slow saying the memory was decresing. So I changed the memory but now ever since I changed the memory it will shut down on me whenever it wants to. So I changed the memory stick I thought was bad but now instead of shutting down so often it shuts down sometimes and now any program I try to run wheather it be internet or just my documents it says the program is not responding. I use my laptop for my work so I really need for it to stop doing this. Someone please help.

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February 14, 2009 at 23:04:41
The 1st thing you should do is blow the dust out of your laptop. Get a can of compressed air & give a good blast into all cooling vents. Then test the RAM with memtest86. If any errors are found, remove/replace the bad memory stick(s).

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February 15, 2009 at 11:30:50
Thank you but now I have another question. When I got to the link you provided this is what comes up and I dont know which one to choose:

Memtest86 3.5 Release (3/Jan/09)

ISO image for creating bootable CD (Windows - zip)

ISO image for creating bootable CD (Linux - gzip)

Floppy disk package (installable from Windows)

Floppy disk package SMP (experimental, installable from Windows)

USB key image (Only installable from Linux)

Linux source and binary package

ISO's include a boot menu that allows selection of version 3.5, version 3.4 and the experimental SMP version of 3.5 that supports multiple CPUs.

Memtest86 3.4a Release (27/Dec/2007)

Version 3.5 is the preferred release. The 3.4 release is provided here as an alternative.

Download - Pre-Compiled Memtest86 v3.4a installable from Windows and DOS

Download - Linux Memtest86 v3.4 Source and binary Package

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February 15, 2009 at 15:00:33
If you have a floppy drive, just download "Floppy disk package (installable from Windows)", unzip it, open the folder, click on Install.bat & follow the instructions. Make sure to have a formatted floppy disc ready to go. Memtest86 will be installed to the floppy & the floppy will be made bootable, then you simply boot off it & let the test run. It will continuously run in a loop until you stop it. You should let it run for at least one complete series of tests. If any errors are found, the RAM should be considered defective & it will have to be replaced.

If you don't have a floppy drive, download "ISO image for creating bootable CD (Windows - zip)", unzip it, open the folder & burn the ISO to a CD using the appropriate software. Do NOT simply copy the ISO to a CD, it has to be converted thru Nero or some other program. I prefer IMGBURN. You can get it here:

Once you've created the disc, just boot off it & let it run.

Be sure to double check the boot order in the BIOS. For either of these discs to work, their device must be listed before the HDD in the boot order.

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