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Hewlett-packard / Pavilion dv6 1340
September 17, 2020 at 05:59:36
Specs: Windows 7, 4
I have hp pavilion dv6 1340etCan I change the bios to support better cpu and ram. I would like to upgrade cpu, ─▒nstall a sddrive and use 8gb ram. Thank you.

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September 17, 2020 at 14:52:56
An SSD drive upgrade is fairly straightforward for most machines that have SATA drives. For anything else you'd want to trawl around HP's support site:

(I'm assuming your located in the US...if not, then search for the site appropriate for your location)

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September 17, 2020 at 14:58:36
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The motherboard specs. (as I understand it) determine which CPUs are suitable; likewise the max RAM allowed - and type/specs... I seriously doubt a bios update would alter that... And the golden rule re' bios is if it ain't broke - don phyxe it. Leave it as is unless there is clear and positive evidence that an update is required.

This is from hp site for your model:

From which you'll see what they recommend/allow. Yes 8Gig RAM is OK; but ensure you get the right type. Use free (and safe to use) scanner to determine which RAM is OK.

The CPU is fixed (soldered onto the motherboard in most laptops; and thus you can't 'easily" replace it. It is possible - if you are truly adept at fine soldering - to remove/replace some times from the motherboard; - but there isn't another CPU recommended for that motherboard...

RAM removal is relatively simple:

this is the manual for your laptop

and page 50 deals with that process.

Worth downloading/saving the manual and having a good read as it tells you all you'll need to know re RAM, HDD removal etc...

Installing an SSD ought to be OK as the current drive is the standard plug-in HDD (2.5ins) laptop drive.

To replace that.. remove all power - battery included - from the laptop. Locate and remove the panel on the base which covers the HDD. Remove the drive - usually a couple or three small screws hold it in place - and unplug it from the connector. Insert the SSD - you may need the spacer (goes under the drive usually) the comes with an SSD as often they're a little thinner than a HDD. Replace cover and you're dun...

Be sure to use the correct type and size screw driver(s); and not to overtighten the screws holding the drive in place; nor those on the base cover.

Before you go there however... clone the current drive to the new SSD - using a usb-adapter to connect it to the laptop. Often there is cloning software with the SSD and/or it can be downloaded from a website. Or you can use reliable third-party software to the same end. And I think there are freebie versions of the main ones which will allow all you need. Typically Easus and Acronis are the two that come to mind..; and one or t'other is often the basic/cut down version bundled with some drives?

Having cloned the drive - if the laptop allows a usb boot - test it that way; boot the laptop from the usb SSD.

Also ensure that "anything"important to you - stuff you wouldn't wish to lose (photos are usually top of the list) safeguard (copy) them to external media; i.e. copy them to DVD at least - before you start playing with the current HDD... In you situation highly unlikely anything would go wrong in that department - but always wise to take precautions.

Once you know the SSD is booting up OK, retain the original HDD as for a wee while; just incase... You can reuse it later as you wish...

Also that laptop came with win-7 32bit; and I had doubts there are any win-10 drivers for it - if you were considering going up to win-10?

Which having said...a brief trawl out there finds these - which may be a starting point in that direction?

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September 17, 2020 at 17:22:20
The Pavilion dv6 already supports up to 8GB RAM & replacing the HDD with a SSD is a simple swap.
Supported processors can be found on page 95:

EDIT: I did some additional digging & last BIOS version available for your laptop is F.46 released in 2011.

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