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Can I Upgrade My Laptops Cpu To a Dual Core

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hi i own a toshiba satellite L455-S5975 which still has a single core processor
but i want more for this computer i donot want to buy a new one so i want to
make this one faster if someone knows which cpu is compatible with my laptop
it will be greatly appreciated…


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  1. The time to think about an upgrade processor or an improved graphics solution for a laptop is before you purchase it. Upgrades to laptops are expensive when possible and rarely satisfactory. Then there is the heat issue and battery life issue that would become a problem if you could upgrade. Laptops are always compromises between Size, weight, performance, battery life, price, and other factors and they need to match the best combination for usability. Then there is the graphics, with stock onboard graphics you get poor performance on gaming, video, CAD, Photoshop, etc. and changing the CPU will not improve that at all.
    If you really need something better, see what resale value yours has (not too old) and upgrade to something that can handle what you plan to use it for or keep the portable for it’s portability and get a desktop for performance for a lot less money than a laptop that will have less power for more money. Also the desktop will have more ability to upgrade if you ever need it.

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