best possible overclocking setting

Asus / P5e
January 7, 2009 at 18:08:42
Specs: Windows vista 32, q6600/ddr2 1066
what is the best possible settings for these hardware componets

I have a
q6600 @ 2.4
4gb of crucial ballistix 1066 running at 800
asus p5e mobo

I want to OC my q6600
right now my q6600 is at 266fsb at a 9 mutliplier

I want to raise the fsb to 333 (my only option to OC the cpu) so what multiplier should I set it to see the best performance boost. will I see that much of a perfromance boost ingames like crysis. I am thinking of doing this because I am going to buy a gtx 295

and I think the cpu may be a bottleneck for it.

also second question is what should I set my ddr2 ram to with my new 333fsb?

right now my ddr2 ram is set to auto and the ram can go up to 1066

this is my first built system with, and I never have OC before so I need some configs so I can better understand this.

by the way my cpu has a artic freezer 7 pro on it

thank you so much

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January 7, 2009 at 19:12:24
If you wanna be conservative, lower the multiplier to 8.0x, raise the CPU frequency to 333MHz & clock the RAM at 333MHz (DDR667) to match. The CPU will run at 2.66GHz.

If you wanna shoot for 3.0GHz, raise the multi back to 9.0x but you *may* have to throw a little voltage at the CPU to get it to run stably. If you wanna ensure it will boot at 3.0GHz, start with the voltage at 1.35v. That's well within the safe limits of 0.85v - 1.50v:

Test the system for stability by running a program such as Prime95 or Stress Prime 2004. If all is well at 3.0GHz / 1.35v, lower the voltage 0.025v & test again. Still stable? lower it another 0.025v & test again. Keep repeating the cycle until you get to the lowest stable voltage.

ALWAYS do the following whenever you overclock: lock the PCIe at 100MHz, disable all spread spectrum settings, disable SpeedStep (EIST).

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January 7, 2009 at 20:17:24
I also have another side question to this question

what is the best possible fsb:ram ratio config
for the fsb = 333
and the ram to be as close as you can get it to 533(1066 effective)

thank you

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January 7, 2009 at 20:49:17
The best ratio is 1:1.

If you run the CPU at 333MHz (1333MHz FSB), run the RAM at 333MHz (DDR667). Don't get your RAM settings confused. The 533MHz setting you mentioned *may* mean 266MHz (533MHz effective). You want 333MHz (667MHz effective).

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