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Asus BIOS settings – CPU, FSB, RAM

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On the way to upgrade my Asus P5L-MX mobo I bought a sh Intel Pentium E6700, the one with 3.2 Ghz, 2 MB L2.
I could not find the Dual Core 2 E6700, 2.66 Ghz, 4 MB L2, the one Asus reccomends.
I took the risk to buy the first one as I found on Game Debate that the P E6700 might work also..
I managed to boot the system with the P E6700, but the BIOS does not recognise it correctly..

I fixed manually the CPU frecq, FSB and DDR2.. to the best I could..
I still receive at each boot “CPU ucode incorrect. Press F1 to resume” … bothering honestly..
Does anyone knows how to fix this message? Or better BIOS settings?
I mention that I have the latest BIOS ver 1103.
Thank you!


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