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February 2, 2010 at 07:26:35
Specs: Windows 7 32-bit, 4gb Ram
Hi i got a Biostar TA790GX A3+ and i was just told from a friend that im a idiot from my friend xD for leaving my cpu voltage on auto for oc'ing towards 3Ghz and up so i wanted to change it but i can only set my voltage to 1.260 (and it shows it in red) is'nt that to little? i mean the normal voltage a athlon x4 620 takes is 1.3 (if im not mistaken). Am i looking in the wrong place, the bios is a American Megatrend bios vesion 080014. Another thing is my ram volts is on auto as well but it doesnt go above 1.5 for some reason, so is it fine to leave on auto?

Then just wana know, was it a good idea to drop the HT link to 1.8? and i underclocked my ram from 1333 to 1066 (i cant remember, its kingston value ram by the way ddr3) and then clocked my cpu to 2.99Ghz (dont want to break 3Ghz until i know about this voltage). All spread spectrum disabled (those that i could find, c&q is off and temps are at 38c (i feel like i can go alot higher)

feel free to give me tips to make the oc better as this is my first oc, looking to hit 3.3Ghz

P.S edited the hole post cause i was a idiot and didnt now that i was looking at the wrong NB and didnt now that i up the fsb with + and -.

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February 2, 2010 at 08:55:39
Ok i just hit 3.25 GHz on the cpu, the HT link is at 2000 which is perfect and my ram is running at 667 so i guess i hit the sweet spot, but i'm not doing anything on the pc as im still concerned about the cpu and ram auto voltage. One thing i noticed though that even though they both on auto, the cpu voltage in the bios just goes over 1.3 (and i cant even set it there) and cpu-z still at 1.5 for the ram but i guess thats normal now cause its not overclocked. So what do i do with this voltages? do i believe that on auto its still at what it always was?

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