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January 13, 2014 at 18:43:58
Specs: win 7 64 bit, AMD FX-6300/8GB DDR3
Hi i bought and amd fx 6300 and i was expecting more out of compared to my old dual core. After dealing with the heat issues and finally using it properly i noticed that is not very spectacular so i went into the bios and turned everithing off cool and quiet,thermal throttle and the boost. Now i understand the thermal throttle and the cool and quiet but after turning off turbo boost at 3.5 ghz stock frequency it runs nicer and smoother that with it enabled. My problem is i dont understand what exactly turbo boost does and i read that turbo actually turn off some of the cores when enabled and working. My question is what exactly is turbo boost and how it works does it overclock all cores or just some because it's like witchcraft nobody really knows how it works or what it does,how many cores am i using while playing a game (ex.skyrim) with and without turbo. I am asking this because i wann find out what is better to run at stock to overclock manually to (ex 4 ghz) or to leave the boost on. Second of all i would like to get some benchmarking software to be able to load the system controlled while monitoring it.

Thank you for your time.

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January 14, 2014 at 05:15:37
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Going from a dual core to a quad or hex core doesn't necessarily guarantee you'll see a substantial boost in performance, especially if you don't run any apps that take advantage of the extra cores. To get the most out of an FX-series CPU, you should have a board based on a 900-series chipset & DDR3-1866. Please post the make/model of your motherboard, which RAM you have, which CPU cooler you have & how you applied the thermal paste. All AMD CPUs use the "middle dot" method for paste application, if you did it differently, it could be the reason you're having heat issues.

Turbo-Boost is Intel technology. AMD uses Turbo-Core technology which is basically automatic overclocking based on need. It includes a feature called Max-Turbo which turns off unused cores & allows even higher auto-overclocking. That's why you see 3 advertised speeds for FX CPUs. The FX-6300 is rated at 3.5GHz/3.8GHz/4.1GHz. It's all explained here:

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January 14, 2014 at 09:17:44
i was expecting more out of compared to my old dual core.

Unless you have programs (say, a video editor/recorder or hardcore games) that can make use of the 6 cores, you won't see any performance improvement. Actually, AMD CPU's have shown to actually be WORSE than their Intel 2- and 4-core counterparts at everyday tasks other than heavy-duty programs. Just because AMD cores have more raw clock speed doesn't mean more performance over the design shortfalls that they have.

As for overclocking; If you had heat problems at stock frequencies It's not a good idea to go OC'ing it until you have your heat FULLY under control. Riider already covered the heat sink and thermal paste.

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January 14, 2014 at 15:33:33
My idle temp now is between 35-45* celsius which is nice now. I learned from you guys years ago how to apply the thermal paste properly when i first encountered heat issues with an athlon fx (2008 or 09) but now i had to fix mi case airflow and got an all copper cooler . I am using an ASRock 970 pro 3 motherboard with 8 gb 1600 mhz corsair memory . After reading and reading i will just accept that AMD is not as good anymore as i used to know and look at intel with a bit of envy but happy with money in my pocket. Thank you for all your time. ( AMD will ones rise again)

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