AM2 / AM3 Problem

March 19, 2011 at 14:53:18
Specs: Windows XP, Amd ? 2 Gb ddr2 667MHZ
Hy i got a new "new for me" gigabyte GA-M52S-S3P motherboard with am2 platform and installed an am3 amd athlon 2 x2 240 CPU and it works quite badly so i checked on gigabyte website for info and there i found

"If you install AMD AM2+ CPU on AM2 motherbord, the system bus speed will downgrade from HT3.0(5200MHz) to HT1.0(2000 MT/s) spec; however, the frequency of AM2+ CPU will not be impacted."

So how bad is my performance impacted cuse i dont really understand that system bus speed kind stuff i just notice that sometimes works unbelievabli fast and sometimes feels like an old pentium 3 which hardly manages to do anithing. pls explain how it works and if i can do anithing against. Thanks for help.

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March 19, 2011 at 23:20:19
Why would you buy an AM2 motherboard when there are AM2+ motherboards dirt cheap now to support Hypertransport 3.0 for both AM2+ and AM3 processors?

The impact is pretty great because your internal data connect speed on your cpu is cut in half. It's like basicly putting a Ford Fusion 3.0L 220hp engine into a new Corvette that came with a 6.2L LS3 engine running at 430hp .

Iron Sharpens Iron.

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March 20, 2011 at 07:42:50
The motherboard is based on the outdated Geforce 6100/nForce 430 combo which has been around since the days of the S939. It has crappy onboard graphics & I believe the PCI-express is 1st generation. DDR2-800 RAM would have been a better choice as well.

Tweak all your BIOS settings for best performance & if you're using the onboard graphics, consider installing a PCIe video card. If you're not a gamer, you won't have to spend a fortune. Anything you get will be better than the 6100 onboard. Newegg has plenty of general purpose cards for about $20 after rebate. For example:

BTW, did you know the Core 2 Duo is based on the Pentium 3 design?

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March 20, 2011 at 09:28:04
well im using nvidia geforce 7200 gs for graphics and ddr2 1gb 800 mhz and i have no onboard video card .
I have read some about the FSB speeds on wikipedia and i did understand some how that it's fine untill i run only on thing like one game only but if i try many things dies cuse even 2ghz fsb is not that rubbish comparing to my previous pc.

So here is another question when i got the motherboard (i did not buy it it was free with all parts exept for cpu and in my country it was hard to find a cheap amd 64) i had 2 dimms of ddr 2 one with 800mhz and one with 667 mhz if i use both dimms i recons both on 667 mhz so my queston is which is better using both dimms 2gb on 667 or only 1 gb on 800mhz ???

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March 21, 2011 at 08:48:49
"im using nvidia geforce 7200 gs for graphics"

NVidia has already been thru the 7000, 8000, & 9000 series & has moved on to a whole new model/numbering system. The 7200 is at least 3 generations old plus it never was a good card to begin. It's the slowest card in the 7000 series & was introduced as a low cost/low end replacement for onboard graphics.

"i have no onboard video card"

Then your board must be revision 2.0 which is based on a different chipset & has 4 memory slots, Would this be your board?

"I have read some about the FSB speeds"

AMD systems don't use a FSB. It was replaced by the HyperTransport bus many years ago. Some sites still refer to it as FSB, but that's totally incorrect. The FSB is considered to be the communication path between the CPU & memory controller. Up until AMD introduced the A64, the memory controller was part of the motherboard.chipset & the FSB speed varied depending on the CPU frequency (100MHz, 133MHz, 166MHz, 200MHz, etc). The A64 has the memory controller right on the CPU die & they communicate with each other at full processor speed, thus eliminating the FSB altogether.

The HyperTransport bus is the communication path between the CPU & motherboard. It is the product of the CPU reference clock & HT multiplier. All AMD CPUs since the dawn of the 1st A64 run with a reference clock of 200MHz. Your board uses the 1st revision of HyperTransport, HT 1.0, which runs at 1000MHz (200MHz x 5), but since it's a bi-directional bus, it's said to run at 2000MHz aka 2000MT/s (mega transfers per sec).

Your AM3 CPU was designed for HT 3.0 which runs at 2600MHz (5200MT/s), so by running it in an HT 1.0 board, you're taking a performance hit.

"which is better using both dimms 2gb on 667 or only 1 gb on 800mhz"

Ideally, you should be running all DDR2-800 RAM, but 2GB at 667MHz is better than 1GB at 800MHz.

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