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AB( & E6600 65nm

Micro-star international / Ms-7100
August 8, 2010 at 02:45:37
Specs: Windows 7x64, 2GB
Got a pc from my Bro.

E6600 1066mhz 65nm
Abit AB9
Corsair 800mhz 4x512mb
Stock cooler

Reading around,especially here from Jam,hi Jam long time no speaky :)

I'm using N/B strap CPU by spd
DRAM spec@533
I think this keeps things @ 1:1?
Am I doing things right so far?

Using stock voltages etc for now.
I'm adjusting FSB..........
Started with 333,ran occt for 30mins and everything went ok.
Going for 350 :D
What is hot for this chip?

Anyone have bios overclocking settings for AB9?
What should be enabled/disabled etc.

Asus P5Q Pro
Intel E5200@3.75mhz
8GB 800mhz pc6400
ATI 4870 1GB
X-Fi xtremegamer

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August 8, 2010 at 23:37:20
i don't know your board bios but u should find similar settings.
Lock pci e @100mhz
lock pci @33.33mhz
disable spread spectrum
disable eist aka speed step
disable cpu enhanced halt cie
disable cia2

(333 x 9) if u didn't change cpu multi, u have already reach 3ghz. If stable at 3ghz try (400 x 9).
If not stable try to increase cpu voltage, this is safe range (1.1 to 1.372v).
U did a good job maintaining ratio 1:1.
If fail to boot try (400 x 6) then pump cpu multi and cpu voltage (make sure to stay in safe range)

edit: sorry, i thought cpu is q6600, but it is e6600. The only option that should change is vcore (0.85 to 1.325v)

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August 10, 2010 at 14:18:53
Hey Indie,

Haven't seen you around in quite some time...what's up?

1st of all, if you don't have the manual, get it here while you still can:

And make sure you have the latest BIOS (everything you need is in the ZIP file):

Then see this:

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August 15, 2010 at 03:41:43
Hey Jam,good to hear from ya :)

Well time is rather limited nowadays as I'm a Dad :)
My Boy is 18months now.

Latest Bios installed,manual downloaded and reading article.
My board is only the AB9 not the PRO will that make a difference?

Cheers M8

Asus P5Q Pro
Intel E5200@3.75mhz
8GB 800mhz pc6400
ATI 4870 1GB
X-Fi xtremegamer

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