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Solved PAL Vs NTSC & NTSC-J On PS2 For Total Newbie

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I am of the very much older generation compared to those who grew up with video games in the crib.. i can still remember the excitement in the house when we got our first *color* TV..
So please excuse if some of these questions appear simple, although I know computer, having done tech for years, but I am totally new at consoles ..I just bought a used PS2, and an original xbox, cheap.. and I am just in the process of getting some pinballs for it ( my favorite type of game).
Being in Canada, i’d assume that the PS2 is set up for NTSC.. but some games i am interested in are NTSC-J format.. (japanese).. is this still NTSC? Will they play on the PS2?
How about PAL? Do i need some kind of converter, or will the machine reset itself to play in the alternate graphic output? And do console games have ‘region’ settings like DVDs?
I was thinking if I need two different settings I could run a PS2 or original playstation emulator on the computer..

Anyone able to help?


1 Answer

  1. For the other part of your question: Yes, NTSC-J is still NTSC, and no, you can’t play Japanese games on your console. PS1 and PS2 games are region-locked. If you wanted to play them, you’d have to either install a modchip on your console or buy a Japanese version.

    PAL will require a converter (in addition to another console).

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