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How To Connect My Xbox To My Pc Using Only a Crossover Cable

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Hi , i dont have a router or a modem only my pc xbox and a crossover ethernet cable with my 3g dongle pluged into my pc.I want to connect my pc to my xbox and update my console.I have done it before but it did not update properly and now i can’t edit anything on my xbox i.e my profile.I am trying to do it again but the xbox just does not pick up the pc.Can anyone help me please?


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  1. Try this, i’ve used it to turn my laptop into a desktop wireless dongle:

    Go in to Manage Network Connections, or a page that shows connections (LAN 1, LAN 2, WIFI, etc). Your 3g dongle should show up there. Drag a box around your dongle icon and the LAN connection (it might say ethernet) icon and right click. Click on Bridge Connections. This should create a pass-through to the internet no prob.

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