constant lag need help fixing

April 18, 2012 at 03:59:44
Specs: Macintosh
so i've been gaming for 6 years on xbox... and it's been fine until about 4 months ago i just started lagging really bad out of no where... i thought i might of needed an update cause i was using a lot of old equipment like a stock modem from my isp and really old linksys router.. i had 10 mb down at the time and 1 up... so i upgraded to a 50 down and a 5 up thinking it would help... keep in mind it never lagged even when on the slower connection speed and for 6 years just these last four months... so along with the upgrade... they hooked me up to a motorola gateway surfboard modem.. and i bought a linksys e4200... thinking it would help it didn't... so i asked them what could be the problem they said let us take the splitters off your wires and rewire with new wiring from ur modem to the cable box so they did that and it still didn't improve i called them back [this is about the 5th time they came in 2 months] they said they found some errors coming from the drop in the street so they supposedly fixed it but no change.... called them back they came and swapped the modem to see if it was faulty... they checked the modem settings and said oh it was because these boxes were checked they unchecked everything and left rg passthrough? disabled the napt mode so it would bridge the router... still didn't help... so i've tried different tv's every kind of av cable from standard composite component s video hdmi etcetc got 2 diff xbox's too see if the xbox was the cause of the problems and no improvement... they've been here 12 times in the past 3 months and can't solve the problem... i'm running out of ideas and i had no clue about any sort of networking until this situation occur'd had to take matters into my own hands and all i can think of is maybe insufficient power? there are a lot of warnings on the router in the event logs that are like alien language to me and im not sure but i've showed them it and they just ignore it... i did trace routes to xbox backbone servers and theres a good average ping time considering i live in hawaii and have to go through 16 hops before i get to the actual server but on the best and worst ping theres ping times over 800ms on hops that are still within my state which i was told shouldn't be happening at all.. a friend that is pretty good with computers said the first 6 hops shouldn't have any high ms so im all out of ideas? if anyone has anything i could try i would be grateful to hear your input... thanks in advance.

oh and newer issues i've been noticing were everything taking longer or not loading at all... even the cable on tv takes long times to change channels sometimes the lag isn't just on one game... and it even lags when i host games...the lag is weird it's like nothing is where it's suppose to be i'll shoot to the left of people and hit them... and i also got a new router asus rtn56u and it doesn't seem to be any better then the linksys..

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April 18, 2012 at 12:31:32
So, your Motorola Surfboard had NAT that you turned off? Whats the model number of the modem that they gave you?

This all started when you go the new cable modem right? And your digital cable box is lagging too. So it's something with the line if you are having problems with both.

How far are you from the road?

I had this problem too, because my house was too far from the drop. They had to put in a 3/4" thick coax to solve the problem. There was just too much noise and resistance in the old cable.

Keep calling your cable company and tell them to replace the entire line.

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April 19, 2012 at 23:51:00

hi it was lagging before i upgraded to the motorola gateway modem sbg6580 and yeah they disabled napt mode to bridge it to my router... one guy rewired my line and took like 3 or 4 splitters off the line that was going directly into the modem from the outside cable box.. they also changed something in the drop... they are kinda fed up with me... i call all the time cause i'm paying a lot and feel like i'm being jipped... the last time i called them the guy stood outside and said he checked the speed and i'm getting it and theres nothing else they can do for me... also that his boss told him not to come on the property.... which i thought was really odd... do you think i should ask them to rewire it again?

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