activision support i have been ban wrongfully

February 22, 2013 at 13:25:51
Specs: Windows XP
i am i baned for 6 days on call of duty black ops 2 i havent played for like 2-3 days i go to play an im baned dident get a worning or anything just instantly baned what is with that i am the costumer of ur product an i dont feel treated fairly your abuseing your power an a friend says that i am stat reset dose that seem fair at all no i got reported by trolls who are jellous of my stats an me killing them an wining most games yes i have glitched in zombies but that is there fult for haveing glitches an they wouldent have any if they spent more time on there product but there so rushed in geting out to make a quick buck an then they take it out on other people that find them an do them when its there fult i undertand if we the people get a worning an do it then results should result in a ban but i dident resive no worning for anything an activision baning me or trayarch is not right an abuseing there power people doing the glitchs an you catching them allows you to fix them an make ur game better its not like ur company is playing the game if they where they would know about it an have it fixed faster an better but they take it all out on us when its there fult an that is not right at all exspecialy without a worning if i am stat whiped i would like it to be put back to master preistege my user is ISHANEOMAC on ps3 as i am the customer the costomer is allways right an what you have done is not fair nor not right other players should not be able to report on the game unless for death threats the game is rated 18+ so i am able to swear an talk about other things an it dont matter that younger kids are there cuzz there parents are irresponcable for buying a game for them when they are not of age tho i dont hardly do that just swear if you reset my stat put them back i didnot resive a worning or anything just instantly ban an i have not seen any proof of anything that i have done wrong ci can wait 6 days but that is not the point here at all

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February 22, 2013 at 13:34:04

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