frustrated just when I was feeling confident an

Sony Playstation 3 98418 gaming console
October 24, 2018 at 08:54:11
Specs: Android
I've been dealing with the playstation 3 network and account for the last 3 years now I've been so confused with the way that it has been using my information and account to the point that I've gotten down right sick.for almost every day for 2 years they replied to me that I had the wrong password. Wrong information wrong this and that I went from changing my password to email web information user name user I'd hell I even had to change my system o version of it there different time s and finally got it squared away at least I thought to come back and have them tell me that my credit card information was wrong and to verify now it's a repetitive thing I've changed my password and abbot to have them say I'm putting in the wrong information every number and letters on my credit are exactly the same I've never changed it and they have managed to milk me out of about 200 dollars of my money every year since I have signed up with them. Now if my information was wrong how is it that their getting paid for something that I don't have

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