Why Does My Vehicle *Receive* The Texts That I *Send*?

Dell / Xps 8930
July 20, 2020 at 20:43:42
Specs: Windows 10, I5-9400
I just bought a 2017 Honda Odyssey EX-L. I posted this question in the Honda Owners forum for that vehicle but I haven't gotten a single response. I've been a member of the Honda Owners forum for the last 3 Odyssey's that I've owned, so I know that the forums are very active. Apparently this one has everyone stumped.

I paired my Pixel 2 with the vehicle and tested the phone features. I discovered that if I send a text from my Pixel 2, the van says that I've got new mail from the person I sent it to and gives me the opportunity to hear it. If I click Read, it reads back to me what I just sent. The text does get sent to the person that I sent it to, but I have no idea why the van thinks that I received my sent text from them.

Very annoying to say the least.

Any ideas?

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