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Solved Where Do I Find My Vpn Username And Password On My Android?

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my phone was messed with by someone I trusted. Some things no longer work. Will it fix the problem of “authentication problems if I download a new VPN

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  1. I have absolutely no experience with Android devices… but I dn a wee trawl(google) and found this amongst assorted hits:…

    Perhaps have a careful read of the info there; especially the built-in vpn service on androids..

    vpn security details on android

    to find the above; and there are a lot more hits as well. If the above link doesn’t work out for you, perhaps repeat my search (using the same or similar terms/words) and see what you find?

    It’s also very useful/wise to regularly backup your devices… As then you have to the option to reset the devices to as new, and then download the saved content from your backups; which may resolve the situation you are in just now?
    I used the string/search terms/words:

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