Solved Running services and cached processes on Android tablet

March 18, 2017 at 12:53:35
Specs: several
Tablet running Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)

After a reboot of the tablet I go into Settings and look at Apps.
I find these running services and cached processes:

Google Play services (several of these)
Google Play Music
Android Core Apps
One Time Init

I can stop any or all of these services and processes, but they all
return after a reboot. Some obviously are basic to the functioning
of the tablet, but some aren't, and I'm wondering why they are
resurrected every time I reboot.

I'm asking about Clock, Calendar, and YouTube right now.

When I am the most thorough, I start the app, go into the app's
settings, clear anything and everything that can be cleared, then
exit. In the case of YouTube (version 5.2.27), I uncheck the two
settings "Improve YouTube" and "New video notifications".
(There is a third setting which would apparently also contact
the YouTube home office to ask about each video before it can
begin streaming, which I leave unchecked.) Then I remove them
from the list of running apps by clicking "Remove from list" on
each one. I then go into the Android settings and clear the cache.
If I made no chages from the defaults in the program settings I'll
also clear the data. (I don't clear Android Browser data because
that deletes saved bookmarks.) Then I stop the running service
or process. I close Settings and immediately reboot.

The stopped services and cached processes are rerunning and

It appears that neither Clock nor Calendar are needed to keep track
of the time and date. I have no data stored in them. So why do they
keep reappearing?

Why does YouTube keep reappearing as soon as I reboot? The tablet
is not connected to the Internet or any other network at that time, and
all radio connections are disabled.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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March 19, 2017 at 06:00:23
It's something you have to put up with - - all you can do is occasionally clear the cached data to stop it spiralling.

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March 19, 2017 at 13:25:50
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But why are those three running? I don't remember that Clock
or Calendar ever ran at all before I first started them manually,
but now they always run even though they apparently aren't
doing anything. I know I can disable them if I want to. They
don't seem like they pose any security threat, so I don't plan
to disable them. YouTube, on the other hand, I don't trust at
all, but I presume that I use it frequently. Probably more often
against my will with unwanted video ads than videos I actually
want to see, but probably frequently. But it still shouldn't start
running after I stop it just because I reboot the tablet. No app
should ever do that unless the user selects that action. There
is a field for each app in Android Settings labeled "LAUNCH BY
DEFAULT", and in every case it says "No defaults set."

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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