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Need Help Reloading Cyanogenmod LG 4G Spectrum

Dell / Mxg071
December 7, 2014 at 10:18:26
Specs: Windows 8.1, x
The other day I was trying to fix a Doctor Who game, did not work, formatted the 64G card, and then the OS no longer boot. Spent hours and got nowhere and ended wiping the phone. Now trying to get this mod back on it.

Put back in the older 2G card which has the Clockwork recovery on it and trying to get it to access it, but can not access the card.

Cannot access WIFI (my password is 64 characters long and the stock OS keyboard not have the symbols, but was connected before for weeks). Trying to access the TXT document on the card with the long password, but cannot access the card with the stock OS I reloaded.

Right now my blank 64G card is in phone.

I have done my directions once and after 4h it booted into the Cyan mod. I was happy being in the OS again, changing settings, etc, but then after a reboot it has since gotten into a loop. If it is a battery issue, I have it plugged into USB to help but no good (I do know though that even though I have it plugged into USB, if I am using the phone the battery level still goes down even though "charging").

I do not have a SIM card for this phone. It was given to me just to access WIFI at home and work. It is a Verizon 4G LTE Spectrum VS920.

I like to know if anyone feel like my directions need a tweak to start ALL OVER again, before attempting to do so. Maybe I did something wrong.

Right now, I can not boot into the Clockwork Recovery (VOL U and D and POWER).

The only error I got in the setup process was this running bootloader from the SpectrumPwnageTool:

PROBLEM! MD5SUM of download and actual file do not match! Danger!
remote object '/data/local/tmp/pwn/pwn_success' does not exist[*] Fatal generic error[*] 1.) Either you exited the script prematurely,[*] 2.) Or MD5 check on device failed[*] Please try again

Took me awhile to figure out how check MD5 files. I eventually got the Windows MD5 Utility and found I can open the MD5 files for the code and I tested all these MD5 files in this SpectrumPwnageTooland they all were successful:

If you see my directions need a tweak, updates of versions or software, etc before I attempt all this again, please let me know.

Current status of phone, only thing I can do with it, is let is charge.

Thank you.

> Install LGMobile Support Tool from
> Install the LG USB drivers –
> Download and extract from

This is only necessary if you either soft brick the phone, or want to wipe it, or if the OTA update screwed the bootloader (this was the case with this one)


> Put phone in download mode:

Power off the LG Spectrum (holding the power button until the phone forces itself off).
To confirm Remove the Battery.
Insert the USB cable and wait for the charging screen to come on.
Hold VOL UP/DOWN and press POWER until in DOWNLOAD MODE.
Let go off all the buttons when you first see the LG logo.

> Plug phone into computer.
> Try to install USB drivers using LG USB Driver Package
> Restore Recovery with LGMobile Support Tool
>> If phone not boot or stuck in logo screen, try hard reset: VOL DOWN and POWER
> Bypass activation with pressing each button (not holding down) VOL UP, VOL DOWN, RETURN, HOME - Only needed if there is no SIM card in the phone.



> Try to copy these files into DOWNLOADS folder on phone's SD card:
RomManager.apk ( from from from
tr.apk from
Google Play Store (4.9.13) from
ES-File-Explorer from

> Enable USB Debugging in DEVELOPER settings.

> Download and extract Google Android SDK (

> Open Command Prompt from \adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140702\sdk\platform-tools.

Type: adb install "X:\<path>\ES File Explorer.apk"

You should get something like:

ows-x86_64-20140702\sdk\platform-tools>adb install "C:\Users\main\Desktop\verizo
n\ES File Explorer.apk"
1552 KB/s (4041984 bytes in 2.541s)
pkg: /data/local/tmp/ES File Explorer.apk

> Run ES File Explorer.

> Root the phone... Run towelroot from DOWNLOADS folder, tap three times the name for code (like 133701040), then click "make it ra1n."
> Run bootloader from the SpectrumPwnageTool folder on computer.
It is not yet rooted so answer NO then later YES (answer yes here the first time if towelroot is run).
> Install ROM Manager from DOWNLOADS folder.
> Execute Recovery Setup. Choose LG Spectrum 4G Recovery (not the touch version). If flashing gets stuck, reboot and try again.
> Reboot into Clockwork Recovery by holding VOL UP & DOWN and POWER, or via ROM Manager in APPs.
> Wipe cache partition.
> Wipe data/factory reset.
> Install CM zip file from storage card.
> Do same with Google Apps (gapps file). This also installs the play store.
> Reboot.

I reply as fast as I can, but it could be hours or months. Always busy.

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December 8, 2014 at 05:47:48
Thank you for the instructions.

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March 30, 2015 at 04:38:51
Um, sure, but I was asking why I was having the errors. :) I do not know still if those steps are correct. Not had time to test since.

I reply as fast as I can, but it could be hours or months. Always busy.

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