motorola is 3/4 chgd and screen is blank. On/off won't work

January 22, 2014 at 15:50:21
Specs: Windows XP
I cannot remember the model of my motorola, however today is used my usb port to charge it. After it was charged the screen went blank. Now the on/off button won't work it's completely dead. Please help and please be patient I'm a senior citizen trying out this high tech world.

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January 23, 2014 at 09:23:13
Does it have a removable battery? If so, remove it for about 5 seconds then put it back in and try to power it up. Make sure you do this while it is unplugged from the charger.

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January 23, 2014 at 09:34:45
Thank you I will try that. The problem I have encountered it that it is difficult to open. I figured out that my phone is a motorola droid razor HD 4G if only I could open it! frustrating!

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January 26, 2014 at 21:48:29
OldieButGoodie, Have you had it less than 1yr? You have "BSOD", (Black Screen Of Death),it is covered under the warranty!! My ZTE Warp did that, my provider being Boost Mobile, has Authorized dealers, who is obligated to fix it under warranty as stated in the manual, but the salemen suggested that I purchase a new phone and also implied that they "didn't know what I did to my phone to cause it"!!? But, under the Android policy as stated in the manual, they & ONLY THEY, are supposed to repair or REPLACE it, no questions asked. That was from Appligeeks, who sell Boost Mobile in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. I did purchase a new phone, only this time from Best Buy, a Samsung S-III. I'm kind of glad that this happened because I love my Samsung S-III, but I am very disappointed with this company AppliGeeks, who sold me 2 flawed phones, (it was the second phone I bought from them that went bad), as my first one was an LG MyTouch G4/LTE, (it has a slide out keypad), and I loved it, it would never go (from 2G & onto 3G/4G or WiFi, and it was made exclusively to receive 4G! I have the Boost SHRINKAGE plan, where it starts @ $50.00 a month, & every 3 months, drops down $5.00, until it's set at a fixed $35.00 per month. HOWEVER, WHEN I PURCHASED THE MyTouch, THEY PUT ME ON A TRAC PLAN, jeopardizing the status & credit I had accrued with Boost as I was at the $35.00 per month, unlimited & no throttling), They suggested that I purchase another new phone, THRU THEM, (2 Phones in 2 months), & I did... I bought the ZTE Warp.Then I called Boost (US Sprint?NexTel), & they appreciated my loyalty & permitted the switch to Trac from their authorized dealer without my knowledge, & waived the missedv month. They accepted the ZTE with the BSOD,& the FORMER T-Mobile MyTouch,& was to give me 4 months credit for my Samsung S-III on Boost. SORRY, FOR GOING OFF TARGET... Bottom line is Boost informed of my options...
A, Send both in for repair or credit.
B. Send BSOD ZTE in for repair or Credit... Use the MyTouch as WiFi Hotspot, get credit for BSOD ZTE...
I chose B.
You have BSOD, if under a year old with proof of purchase,they will fix it FREE. Yours, being Google owns Android, AND Motorola, they will fix, replace, or credit you for a new device. Apple iOS 7 is having BSOD problems too. Its not software. They can fix it. Take it to an AUTHORIZED MOTOROLA DEALER... I hope this helps!!! ;- ) \m/

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