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How To Remove Default Home Page From Smartphone Browser?

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I bought a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime smartphone from HSN:…

One of the selling points was that it could be used to connect to the
Internet via a separate WiFi router without having to first set up cell
phone service. Getting a phone number, arranging for billing and so
forth could be done later. I already have a WiFi router that provides
an Internet connection. I have connected the new phone to the router
via WiFi.

There appear to be two web browsers on the phone. One is accessed via
an icon which is permanently at the bottom of the home screen labeled
“Internet”. This app seems not to have any other name. In Settings >
Applications > Application manager > ALL > Internet > Application info,
it just gives a rather long version number beginning “3.2.”

When I connect to my WiFi and then tap the “Internet” icon, I am taken
to the web page “”. It is the phone’s default home page.
The first few times this happened I was asked for a phone number to set
up a new account. There was also a “Skip” link, which I clicked instead.
By going into the browser’s settings, I changed the home page to a page
I know. Now when I tap the “Home” icon, the browser goes there.

But when I tap the Back button, it returns to the Tracfone page.
I have tried closing the browser while on the new home page I set,
re-opening the browser (which opens to the new home page), then
deleting all personal data from the browser settings (which claims
to include deleting cache and history but not the homepage setting),
closing the browser again (while still on the new home page), and
restarting the operating system. When I start the browser again,
although it does open on the new home page, the Tracfone page still
remains on the back button.

Is there any way to wipe out that link to so that I’m
not constantly going there by accident?

— Jeff, in Minneapolis