How to find out the manufacturer (brand name) of a tablet?

December 10, 2012 at 06:40:47
Specs: Windows 7
I have Chinese Tablet (unknown brand). I want to install Android in it. When I plug tablet via USB, it detects but doesn't install. It requires driver. Please help. How can I find out the manufacturer?

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December 11, 2012 at 00:55:35
The operating system of a tablet can only be installed at the factory. Whatever operating system the tablet has on it now, that's what you are stuck with.

If you want a device that runs Android you have to buy one with Android already installed on it.

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December 11, 2012 at 09:55:48
It has android but it halts on starting logo of android and then turn off. Android is not working. It needs to be re-install.

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December 12, 2012 at 07:16:29
Have you tried to "root" the android device?
If so, that might cause the device, to not start up correctly.

If not, there should be a combination of buttons to press at startup, to get into a menu, where you can reinstall the device with the factory default Android system and settings.

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December 14, 2012 at 03:17:53
You can download CPUID. It will come in zipped, so create a folder and download to that folder. Then right click and choose "Extract here". When the file decompresses, click the .exe file. CPUID will take a few seconds to scan your system and then it will create a report about your mother board, ram, etc. It will give you the manufacturer and type of board, etc.

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December 17, 2012 at 09:24:08
Tablet has android OS and it is not booting. I am asking about the tablet's manufacturer, so I can download the driver to plug in to my Desktop PC. How can I install CPUID in tablet in this condition?

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