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How Do I Remove Back From ASUS Fonepad Model K004 Me371MG

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I very stupidly have pushed my SIM card into the back of the fonepad and it is now totally irretrievable unless I can remove the back to obtain my SIM card and then I realised I probably probably could have just connected the pad with the phone? ! The instructions weren’t really good and I got the wrong end of the stick. I’zdumb!


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  1. Possibly this youtube video may help……

    View it a couple of time first. Ensure you use the “correct style and size” of screwdriver. Otherwise you may damage the screwheads and thus make it impossible to remove the back.

    Also note carefully which screw come from where, and ensure each goes back whence it came. Often they may look the same – but often they are not.

    Suggest you make diagram – a sort of plan or map – and stick each screw to a position on this “plan” representing the screws actual/correct location. That way you will know which goes where; and by sticking them the plan you reduce of losing any screws?

    Use Scotch tape/Sellotape to affix the screws to the plan.

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